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iPower Credit Services Helps Consumers Get A New Credit File Within Days

United States - iPower Credit Services, a company that provides consumers with services related to restoring credit files, has announced that the company is now able to help their clients obtain a new credit file to help them start fresh when it comes to financial issues.
Unlike most companies who offer services to restore a consumer’s credit, iPower Credit Services uses a new and legal method to create a new and positive credit file for their clients. Their service enables consumers to get a new CPN (credit profile number or privacy number) number which is used instead of their social security number when applying for credit cards or credits.
“Damaged, less-than-perfect, or no credit at all restricts millions of deserving, hard working people from having the conveniences. Using our service, consumers are able to start fresh, which is something that comes with many benefits.”, the company’s spokesperson commented.
iPower Credit Services has developed a totally new approach when it comes to restoring a credit file. The concept is ideal for consumers whose credit files are filled with negative information or beyond repair. The company’s program is guaranteed and takes considerably less money, time and effort than services offered by common credit repair services. New credit files created by the company are completely separate from a consumer’s old one.
iPower Credit Services also provides advanced packages to companies and individuals who are interested in starting their own credit repair service. More information about this option is available on the company’s website.
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