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Which is Best: Cash, Check, or Debit, or Credit MasterCards?

MasterCards and VISA credit cards can be found in the wallets of about 95% of the population in the U.S. and Europe, as well as in many other countries around the world. Cash is still hugely popular in many parts of the world, but paying by check is almost unheard of. However, do you know which is the best method of payment for you?


Paying by check is something that was common about 20 years ago. It was the precursor to credit cards, and it was popular because it freed people from having to carry around credit cards. You could write a check for a day or two later, and you’d have time to put more money into your account. It’s not as common as it once was, but there are still times when it’s good to pay by check. The downside is that you have to keep track of all of your payments yourself, which can be a headache.


When it comes to instant, easy payments, there’s nothing like cash. If you have enough on hand, you can pay for anything, anytime, anywhere. Cash is almost universally accepted, and you’ll often get discounts on items when you pay using hard, cold cash. The downside to cash is that it’s easy to lose it, or lose track of where and how you spent it. You may find that the $10 bill in your wallet has been snagged by your roommate or spouse, or that you used those few quarters at the soda machine when you have to pay for parking. Cash makes life a lot easier, but it is much easier to steal.

Debit MasterCards

With Debit MasterCards, you can be sure that you actually have the money that you are going to spend. You can use a prepaid MasterCard, which will allow you to only spend a limited amount of money. For those that have a problem spending more money than they should, debit MasterCards or a prepaid MasterCard will be the best option. If you get the right prepaid MasterCard -such as the one offered by First Premier Bank – you can trust that your funds will be secure in your account – no matter what happens to the card.

Credit MasterCards

With credit MasterCards, you have to be a lot more judicious with your spending. You’ll have to make sure that you’re not overdrafting on your credit, and that you’re not spending more on credit than you’ll be able to pay back. Many people overuse their credit cards, and they end up thousands of dollars, pounds, or Euros in debt – simply because they didn’t think before they spent.

However, for those that are wise with their money, credit MasterCards will be ideal. You’ll be able to spend as much as you need to, and simply pay it back down the line. It makes large purchases a whole lot easier, and you’ll find that your life will be much easier when you can simply pull out your card to make all of your purchases – no need to carry a cash-filled wallet or checkbook around with you!


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