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Which are the best Family Law Firms in Ottawa?

There are several family law firms in ottawa . They try to get you through the ordeal and arrive at a settlement among the parties involved in the dispute.
Here, we see several Family Law Firms like in Ottawa.
" Gowlings
Gowlings is one of the largest law firms in Canada. They have more than 750 business-savvy professionals, specialising in law and active in significant global industries. Gowlings provides its clients with the most pragmatic solution. The professionals at Gowlings can tackle family disputes and provide amicable solutions to satiate both the parties and avoid conflicts.
The members of their Family Law Group offer highly personalized help and services to their clients for resolving family issues by retorting to advanced planning, experienced and expert representation in courts and skilful negotiations.
Tailor-made Services
The professionals at Gowlings offer a huge magnitude of services, such as, help in adoptions; drafting contracts for marriages, agreements on cohabitation, separation, surrogacy; division of property; divorce applications and several other ways of assistance. In various cases, they have drafted agreements to protect family trusts, business assets etc.
Gowlings has always been a technologically advanced organisation, keeping pace with the latest developments to help its clients and employees.
" Davies Law Firm
Davies Law Firm is a well established, full-service family law firm in Ottawa that specializes in various domains of family disputes. Their experts work in the following areas-
" Contentious Divorce
" Amicable Divorce
" Law relating to Child Custody
" Experts on Divorce Law
" Legal Services pertaining to Family
" Family Mediation Assistance
It provides mediation services. A meeting is organised around a table. Both the parties along with their lawyers and mediators are expected to resolve their differences. This helps to reach a consensus among the parties on various issues such as custody of the child, support to children, and division of assets.
" Delaney's Law Firm
Delaney's Law Firm, an Ottawa based law firm has four lawyers. Not only do they provide you assistance in solving your disputes, they provide several tips that help prevent disputes in the first place. It follows the following ideology in preventing disputes.
" STOP before either party is about to lose their temper. This way you are only making things worse.
" SAY what is in your heart. Not saying anything tends to complicate things.
" LISTEN to what the other person wants to say. He might come up with a solution.
" THINK over all the possible solutions that have come up in your discussion.
" Still if you both can't decide the suitable way, let the third party intervene and help you.
" Clayton Law Firm
Clayton Law Firm has been in to the family laws for the past 15 years. They firmly believe in the following goals of the family law-
" Ease out the traumatic experience for children.
" Develop positive and healthy relationship.
" Financial security for both the people.
These are the top family law firms in ottawa. There are several more.