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What to Expect from Adobe CS6.5

Rumors have been going round ever since the release of Adobe CS6 concerning the release dates of CS6.5 and CS7. To date, nothing concrete is yet to be established although 'word on the street' has it that CS7 is to be released at around mid-2014 and CS7.5 at around mid-2015. However, this seems not to be the case considering the fact that the approximation that CS6.5 would be out by mid-2013 is definitely not going to come to pass. Currently, CS6 is still the latest version out. It is believed that Adobe is going to put the release of CS6.5 and CS7 on hold as they work on "CC" (Creative Cloud). Actually InDesign Tutorial, the main aim of coming up with the Creative Cloud is so as to continue with the Creative Suite convention. Adobe is currently giving utmost preference to "CC". By the look of things, CS6.5 and CS7 might never come to fruition. CS6 might just have marked the end of an era!
Statistics have shown that most Adobe uses are currently still using CS5. It is by far the most common version out. However, CS6 still has a whole lot to offer. Below are some of its main highlights:
" Photoshop CS6
As compared to Photoshop CS5, Photoshop CS6 is by far way easier to work with and performs way better. It has in fact been rated 5/5 by most experts. It accommodates designers as well as photographers. It is also capable of 3D editing and 62% of its features are new. The interface is well upgraded and it comes with amazing tricks that are content aware. To learn more about it, simply use a Photoshop Tutorial for CS6.
" Dreamweaver CS6
If you are the kind of web designer that wants to build applications or web pages that adapt automatically to various interfaces, be it tablets, smartphones or desktops, then the Dreamweaver CS6 is the thing for you. It is in fact the very first multiplatform Web editor. To learn more about it, simply use a Dreamweaver tutorial for CS6.
" Illustrator CS6
Unlike its previous versions, the Adobe illustrator CS6 comes fully equipped with a dark grey interface same as the one available for Photoshop. It performs way better and is more compatible with 64-Bit. It has a new feature whereby one can add gradients onto lines. The tracing engine is new and works even better. For more information, use an Illustrator training tutorial for CS6.
The InDesign, Flash player and Edge Animate of the CS6 are also all high performers as compared to their previous counterparts. To learn more about them, some Adobe training for CS6 via a Flash Tutorial Adobe Muse Tutorial, InDesign training tutorial and the like would really be of help.
However, if at all the CS6.5 will one day come to be, then it is definitely going to be even more efficient and definitely worth the wait. It's new and more effective features are said to take it apart from the rest in quite a number of ways. Some of its expected new feature include:
" *Unembed* Image function for the Illustrator 6.5 as well as package files.
" Enhancements for the Link Panel still in the Illustrator.
" A deblurring function
" Enhanced FTP transfers
" Integration of Edge Animate
" Improved support for HTML5
For more information Flash Tutorial, use an Edge Animate Tutorial tutorial for CS6.