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What is the job of a Veterinarian and veterinarian clinic?

Veterinarian clinics are referred to as these clinics which work, in order to treat animals. The doctors here in the clinic are specialized to treat animals. These clinics ensure the best health of your animal by treating him in an efficient manner. The doctors in vet clinics are certified in treating animals. Not many people prefer to study in this field, the number of doctors specialized in the treatment of animals is comparatively less. Therefore the students studying in this particular field automatically have a bright future.
The veterinarian study:
The schools or medical colleges which give the education for treating animals are recognized by the royal college of veterinary surgeons. Universities like Cambridge, Glasgow, Liverpool, Edinburgh offer courses in this field. It takes five years to complete the degree. The full course involves both practical and theory sessions. The practical sessions are given in animal farms or by organizing boot camps in the forests.
Different colleges and universities have different selection procedures. And if you are interested in the veterinarian study you need to follow the procedure.
" Some take an entrance test while some demand a pre medical degree.
" Some colleges combine to take a common test and according to their score or rank you are admitted to the college. In this particular type of procedure your choice is a secondary option; you get the college according to your rank or score.
Famous vet clinics employ doctors who study from the top colleges, so it becomes mandatory to score well in these entrance exams. Hospitals like pet vet hospitals employ medical staff by looking after their study and knowledge. Unless and until you do not study in top colleges you do not get the right guidance. The pet vet hospital employs veterinarians for dogs who specialize in exotic animal care including dental and bone problem.
Different fields of study:
" The field is further divided into field like surgery, medicine or dermatology. Doctors in vet clinics are specialized in the field of their interest. The study can also be classified into:
" The study of insects, mammals and reptiles like lizard frog snake etc.
" Study of aquatic animals like whales and fishes
" Small pet animals like cat, dog, and cow
" Study of exotic animals.
" Some study exclusively for those animals which provide food like a cow, hen, and sheep.
" There are many more fields of study available, the students can select them during graduation or also can practice on the desired field after their course.
How the treatment works?
To treat animals is far difficult than treating humans as animals cannot vocalize regarding what they feel or what problems they are facing. These treatments are just based on the signs which animals show when kept under certain observations. The diagnostics test like CT scans, blood tests, radiography are common in a vet clinic.
Just as the infant needs a vaccination when he comes to the world, animals too need vaccinations like rabies. Pet vet hospitals also provide with the vaccinations and other sessions for your pet.