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What Are The Merits Of Having Sales Process?

Sales process is the most important and essential ingredient of becoming a successful sales person. If you are a successful sales person you must have a sales process whether you know it or not. The word "process" means a series of operations which lead to a final product or result of your efforts. Whatever kind of product or service your organization deal with or whatever is the size of the operation, it will benefit only from determining and defining the sales process. No one can manage their sales operation without having a sales process. For better management of your business you need to know what is achieved and what is not and the reason for not achieving the goal. You will need to know what works in the business and what does not work, then only you will be able to refine you process and correct it.
Organizations having clear sales process can manage their business well. By integrating it with customer planning and sales management , they will get more success in targeting their prospects, in qualifying leads, in effective cross-selling and up-selling, in effective presentation of features and their benefits, in sell value and in decreasing the discounts and most importantly in introducing new products and services in the market.
Organizations which do not have sales process and who do not integrate it with their sales management underperform in their sales operations. A sales process should have to be in a logical flow, it should be easy to breakdown into its constituent's parts, it should be able to be monitored, it should adapt and suit to different selling conditions and it should be flexible enough to be changed with the changing market conditions.
There are so many evidences that reveal the power and effect of a sales process that has been defined well and have been utilized effectively. All the organizations should adopt sales process for the betterment of their operation and their growth. There are such organizations too who have sales process but they do not use it. The reason behind it is mysterious as there is no point in having a sales process and not utilizing it. Most of the organizations don't even have it. No more than 40% organizations are having a formal sales process and in even 40% there are some organizations that do not consider sales process as the integral part of their sales operation.
Revising the sales process should be the first priority of the sales managers for improved sales. Developing a sales process and fitting it with buying process is not a difficult task. If you have a sales process already, remember when it was last reviewed? Revise your sales process regularly because it helps remarkably in improving the sales performance. Remember that sales process is not an option but think that it is a compulsion for effective sales performance. It will help you in making the sales operation more proper and you will be able to find out the reasons of loss of sales and loss of business.
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