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Top 5 Bridal Hair Styles for Special Day

It's true, "Brides are the most beautiful creatures on earth". But beauty doesn't always come so easy. Some people go through a lot of problems to get that difference - a bridal touch. And it's not easier for the beauty queens either, rather more difficult to preserve what they have. The fact is, you need to maintain the right proportions and have the right ingredients to get the desired results. Your skin may or may not challenge the makeup artists, but your hairs certainly will.
So, have you done your research on bridal hair trends? Just like you prepared yourself for the perfect makeup, have you any idea about the hair style you would wear on your wedding day? In you efforts to get the perfect make up, always keep in mind that your hairs must match the kind of makeup you wear. Unlike those who just offer makeup services, very few professionals excel in both hair and makeup services. There are some highly skilled Toronto makeup and hair artists to take care of your beauty, and Monica makeup artist is certainly a pro.
It's you chance to learn from the professionals. Here, you can see top 5 bridal hairstyles coming right from Hollywood celebrities.
1. The tiara-topped braided chignon offers skillful elegance. According to the hair stylist Rick Gradone, this particular hairstyle is sleek and its sleekness keeps it contemporary and elegant. If you go for fuller and softer styles, you'll be asking for prom queen look. So, decide carefully.
2. Alexa Chung had ombre waves with fresh floral crown on her head, for her wedding. This style goes quite well with girls in their early twenties. The celebrity hairstylist, George Northwood says that the fresh flowers increase softness and romance of this seemingly simple wedding hairstyle, and make it more attractive.
3. If you're fan of Amanda Seyfried, you must have seen her wearing ornate gown with perfectly matching flawless braided bun coiled around with the help of few hair extensions. This style was crafted by Renato Campora, who suggests to begin with sleek ponytail which is the foundation of this entire hairstyle. You'll probably be thinking of getting this hairstyle from bridal makeup and hair Toronto specialists.
4. If you know Ashley Madekew then you wouldn't forget her broach on her wedding, emphasizing her youthfulness. The hairstyle had a prominent textured and loose top knot that added contrast to rather effortlessly tied hairs. According to pro hairstylist, Ruben Colon, for this hairstyle sideswept bangs are important in order to maintain the proportionality of the clip. It also keeps the style fresh and youthful. If you've chosen this particular hairstyle, don't forget the hairspray to keep hairs where they belong.
5. A low chignon is also trendy. If you saw Jennifer Lawrence keeping a formal yet romantic low chignon that set her up for a perfect fall wedding. The style is contemporary and has the right amount of texture. According Jen Atkin who created it, a nourished scalp would give you a perfect start to get the texture and movement. If any of these styles inspired you, talk to Toronto bridal makeup and hair artist about it.