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Top 3 Hair Extensions Types Only Professional Salons Offer

Hair extensions are increasing popular among people, especially women. It makes some of us wonder, What is the point of wearing hair extensions if they have their own hairs? Why hair extensions are so popular? Why do females love them?
If you want to know why, you will probably get a detailed answer from any Toronto hair salons; however, common reasons are:
" Women like to keep long hairs. They regret to cut them but they have to (for some secret reasons). So, while they wait for their hairs to grow back to normal length, they prefer to wear hair extensions.
" Some women have thin hairs and they use extensions to add thickness
" Some girls like to have color streaks, but they don't want to damage original hair with chemicals. So they wear colored extensions
" Some women (mostly professional ones) don't have enough time to look after and style their hairs.
" If you think you're bored with your hairs, or give them a bit of rest for few days. You can wear hair extensions instead of styling your hairs.
Hair salons provide different types of hair extensions. You can visit to see how many types they offer. There are 3 most popular hair extension types that are offered by top hair salons in Toronto
1. Human Hair Fusion Extension:
This type of hair extension is also known as "Cadillac" of hair extensions. These hairs are sourced from India because of the similarities of origins of both hairs. The hairs used in this type of extension are 100% human hairs. If you worry about Silicon, these hairs won't have it.
In this process extension is applied through strand-by-strand bonding. In this way, no one knows you are wearing extensions.
" These extensions last longer than any other extension types
" You don't need to tighten or redo them
" Color of this extension does not fade
" They will not affect the quality of your original hair
" They require minimal maintenance
2. Tape-in Extensions
Top salons in Toronto use 100% human hair for tape extensions. These extensions are taped with double-sided invisible tape. In this process, small sections of hairs are sandwiched between tape wefts. Once the process is done, you cannot differentiate between original hairs and extensions.
" These hairs can be reused, so if they are not damaged, you can return them
" They are easy to install
" They are quite cheap
3. Neo Hair Extension
This is another popular human hair extension method. Not to mention that hair extensions used in this treatment are 100% human hairs. You can have straight or curly extensions. These extensions are attached to small sections of original hairs with the help of ring that has interlocking system. So you don't have to deal with glues and adhesive in these extensions.
" You can color your hair extensions
" They are easy to readjust
" They can be re-installed
" You can remove them quickly
Professional hair salons also offer guarantees with each of these extensions. So, you can wear them with confidence.