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Top 10 Wedding Makeup Looks Celebrity Brides Want

When people talk about weddings and brides, hardly anyone forgets to mention the look on brides face, and that make up she wore. It is highly important to choose the right kind of makeup to get a look that's different from the one you usually put on, yet matches your style. Ask any bride and she'll say, "I want to look more attractive in under my own skin". If you're that same bride, Bridal makeup and hair Toronto services offer highly skilled makeup artists and experienced hairstylists to help you get that satisfaction. Even better, you can check out some exciting bridal makeup on
In choosing the right makeup to match the theme, you need to determine the kind of look you want. If you're short of ideas, refer to these top 10 ideas for stunning bridal looks used by celebrities.
1. You can try delicately lined lids, lips with strong wine-color and tenderly blushed cheeks to get this stunning berry look.
2. Apply pale pink on lids and lips. Use shimmery brown shadow to top your eyes. In the V-corner inside your eye, use a champagne eye color to give ethereal finish.
3. To get a gilded look, you may apply some waterproof gold-cream shadow just over the V corner inside your eyes. Use a brown shadow to blend over eyelid and lower lash line. Apply finishing touches with light pink blush lipstick.
4. A natural-looking makeup can be made enhanced if you have eyes lined from the top and bottom. Give your makeup a sexy and smoky effect by applying black shadow on your lid. Finally, use a bronzer to contour your cheeks and give a touch of nude gloss.
5. You can also have that dramatic look by lining the top and bottom of your eyelashes. Top your lids with light pink-champagne shadow for a lighter, yet attractive look. Now, put some peach blush onto your cheeks where apples pop out. Finally, apply rose lipstick on you pout.
6. You can use earth tones on your face. However, use strong wine-colored lipstick for contrast. A wedding makeup artist in Toronto knows how to get that classic look with minimal makeup.
7. You can choose to be a monochromatic bombshell. To get this stunning look, you need bronze shades and apply them tactfully on your cheeks, lips and eyes.
8. Or, you can do the same trick with dusty rose color, instead of bronze. Apply dusty rose shades on lids, cheeks and lips to get this eye-capturing look.
9. If you've chosen brown smoky eye look, complement it with earth tone. The palette offers variety of shades belonging to the same color family. Finish the look with clear gloss on lips apricot blush on cheeks.
10. Show off your beauty in an out-door wedding, by opting for lighter look. The eyeliner should be more intense along the outer edges and corner of your eyes. Apply light pink on cheek and choose bright yet soft, pink shade for your lips. Makeup looks are important to highlight your beauty and overall personality. So, it is important that you consult professional wedding makeup artist Toronto to get that perfect look for your wedding.