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Top 10 Bridal Makeup Tips for Your Wedding Day

You've chosen the best dress for your special day; you've got the best jewelry to wear; everything has been organized; but you looks indicate you have something else in your mind. Are you still worried how you'd look on your wedding day? Is it the makeup you're concerned about? Bridal makeup has always been priority concern for brides. Even after going through trials and all the good images, brides seem extra conscious of their beauty on their wedding day. While there are no proves whether it's the makeup or the dress that turned a wedding day into a disaster, most of the brides blame poor makeup services for a bad wedding-day experience.
If you're the lucky bride planning for your special day, which one would you blame when you'll see your snaps below your expectations: bad dress or poor makeup? Since the dress, jewelry and other accessories were your choice and you tried them a hundred times before wedding, the only thing that remains to be blamed would be the makeup. This is the main reason why brides in Toronto always go for professional Wedding makeup artists in Toronto. Qualified and experienced Bridal makeup and hair in toronto will turn you into a special bride.
However, there are few ways to avoid such bad situations. Read these 20 tips to achieve best results on your wedding day.
1. Always consider giving a spray tan by yourself. The trend is quite common these days with brides showing up for trial makeup having tanned skin. With spray tan you can maintain the tone easily.
2. Those who are getting married in summer, use excessive oil-free products, such as primers, moisturizers, foundations and blotting sheets etc.
3. Practice and try to get the perfect makeup tone in front of the camera, then practice again. It will help you look beautiful in every picture. Don't forget about the daylight snaps though.
4. Before applying the makeup, Toronto makeup artist would wash your face and neck with the cleanser. So make sure you have the right cleansing product in your bag.
5. Apply foundation with brush or sponge. But you should know which one works with brush and which one should be applied with sponge. Don't use your hands at all.
6. Professional makeup artists suggest different concealer for eyes than for face. Use concealer after foundation for best results, but don't use too much.
7. For red spots, or broken capillaries, use oil-free, thicker concealer that has a hint of yellow. For under eyes, use peach colored concealer but make sure it's creamy. That's because area under eyes has no oil glands.
8. Most probably, you will be wearing white, so use eye shadow primer to ensure smuge-free makeup.
9. Put a cream blush to get the natural feel. It will give you freshness and the make up will look healthy.
10. Smile and see where the apples of your cheeks pop out. Put your blush right where the apple pops out. In this way you can flush naturally.
You can always learn from your beautician what other preparations you need to do to maintain your makeup and keep looking fresh throughout the wedding day.