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The must follow office etiquettes

Office etiquettes are always important irrespective of the company that you work for. There are certain implied and unspoken rules that the employees must follow. We live in a Globalized world where professionalism matters a lot. The toronto private offices like orangeoffices are complete professionals to guide you. Here are few must follow office etiquettes:
Needless to say every office has working hours irrespective of the shifts that one works for. The employees are expected to be on time to office. If you have newly joined a firm, your login and logout time will be noted. If you are a veteran in the company, you still need to be on time so that you set the right example. Avoid being late to office. There are many meeting offices in Toronto to organize client and team meetings.
Dressing sense:
Most of the offices has a set dress-code and employees are expected to stick to it. This is done to maintain the decorum of the work place. An appropriate dressing sense will help you to earn respect from other colleagues. It will also save you from unnecessary troubles and will reflect your original personality. If you are in marketing field wherein you have to meet clients, a formal attire always helps to build the impression. Remember, you are the face of the company and must represent the company in a positive manner.
Say no to gossip:
Gossip might entertain you for few minutes, but it will leave an impact forever. Do not pass comments on your co-workers or spread a negative rumour about them. It may not hamper your career directly, but will affect your work on a long run. If you come across some gossips, ignore them and pretend them as though you have never heard of it. You will save a lot of time by staying away from gossip mongers.
Use please and thank you:
Yes, these gentle words has a lot of impact in a professional life. Your language matters the most. A polite hello to your manager and colleagues will help you to build a strong rapport with them. It is also a way to break the ice between you and your colleagues. Thank you is a way to acknowledge the favor done by others. Thus, try using these nice words and see the change.
Maintain Privacy:
If you are the one who do not mind barging in without knocking the door, hold on, you are inviting eyebrows. If you are entering into your boss's cabin, inform me well in advance about your arrival. Say no to shoulder surfing. Do not visit your colleague's cubicle and start peeping on his monitor. It is not only a bad habit, but will also annoy your colleague. Your relation might be at stake.
Thus, an employee should follow the office etiquettes and be in good books of the management. The meeting office in Toronto has all the facilities to carry out a business meeting. Do follow the these office etiquettes and let us know your opinion.