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The growing of wild flower seeds and kitchen herb garden

Introduction to wildflower
A wildflower is a flower which has developed on its own without any interference from human and has retained all the basic features of the plant. Some of the species of the wildflowers are popular herbs which are used even more than the flowers. The wildflower seeds forms the basis of the growth of wildflower.
Seed bombs and their role in the world of wildflower
Seed bombs played a vital role in the functioning of seed bombing or aerial reforestation. In this process the compressed bundles of soil are dropped from air which contains seed balls. The seed bomb is very good as far as growing the wild flower is concerned as it is cheaper than buying transplants and is natural and organic. Moreover you can cover a large area in less time using these seed bombs.
The importance of seed balls
The making of seed balls requires a technique in order to grow seeds in a simple and effective way. In this process wildflower seeds are mixed with clay, chilli powder and peat-free compost and then rolled into a small ball. These balls are around 1 cm in diameter which makes them very easy to spread in all the directions.
Wildflower seed balls
In order to make these wildflower seed balls you need to have certain essential things which include a bucket, dry organic compost, terracotta clay, cookie sheet, newspapers and wildflower seeds native to your area. The terracotta clay can be obtained from the ceramic supply retailers in your area.
Wildflower seed bombs and seed mix
These are little balls of clay, seeds and dirt which you can make on your own. These wildflower seed bombs are loved by kids as it engages them in the cool cay and dirt besides 'bombing'. These wildflower seed bombs are very easy to make but they are a bit messy and sticky, due to which you should make them outdoors.
Wildflower seeds and the benefits of planting native wildflower seeds
Due to the passage of time all the wildflower seeds have developed genetically in order to acquire resistance from insects and diseases in a particular area. Besides this the wildflower seeds have also adapted themselves according to the area, climate and other environmental conditions in that area.
Kitchen herb garden and its importance in our daily life
The kitchen herb garden plays a vital role in providing some of the key ingredients required for cooking. If you are looking to grow the kitchen herb garden you need to take care of certain things.
o First of all you should try to grow hard varieties and companion-plant. These would ideally be those herbs which you cook on regular basis like parsley, basil and rosemary to name a few.
o You should choose a location which is sunny and do not forget to move the pots when the light condition changes.
o In addition you should grow these herbs in a container which has good drainage.
o You should water and fertilize your herb plants in a perfect manner. You should not be over excited which would result in too much watering and fertilizing them as this is the main reason for their collapse.
o Last but not the least harvest these herb plants properly which ideally means you should not harvest more than one third of the plant at a given single time.
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