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The Correlation Between An Underactive Thyroid And Weight Loss

There are people who regularly work out and strictly follow a low-carb weight loss diet but just can't seem to lose weight. Or, if they do manage to shed a few pounds, it wouldn't even take them a couple of weeks to find out that they just gained them back - or worse, they got even heavier.
In such cases, not even a personal trainer can help you out. But most likely, a doctor can.
Hypothyroidism, or decreased or underactive thyroid function, is usually associated with an inability to lose weight and is a factor in seemingly constant and unstoppable weight gain. There really is an observed correlation between an underactive or overactive thyroid and weight loss. The thyroid gland is the main regulator of the body's metabolism. If it is damaged or is not functioning properly, you will either experience or suffer from constant weight gain or weight loss. Having an underactive thyroid means your body's rate of metabolism is not fully regulated, and as a result, you become overweight.
Having an overactive thyroid function or hyperthyroidism, on the other hand, can also be a big physical problem since the body's metabolism rate is going too fast or is highly accelerated and, as such, will cause a person to suddenly and drastically lose weight.If you feel that you may have hypothyroidism, your doctor will run some tests to make sure that you do have this disorder. Your doctor will carry out blood tests or hormone tests to confirm this. And once you are diagnosed as suffering from hypothyroidism, it is imperative that you follow your doctor's prescribed treatment to a T.
The two most prescribed popular treatments are thyroid hormone replacement and Levothyroxine regimens.
There is also a strong connection between thyroid medication and weight loss, but different medical treatments have varying effects on different patients; you can either start losing or gaining weight once you start taking in the prescribed drugs. It would also do you good to make some changes to your diet when you are diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Diet Programs like the Venus Factor Diet Program can help you to lose weight safely aswell.
The Venus Factor Diet was created by female fat loss expert John Barban, that reveals a little known Leptine secret, to speed up the weight loss and metabolism process.Adding or increasing your intake of particular healthy and organic foods and avoiding other types can also help you overcome hypothyroidism more effectively.
For starters, you should reduce or eliminate your daily intake of caffeine, sugar and refined carbohydrate- based foods such as cakes and white bread. But you should add more protein to your daily meals and you can do this by increasing your consumption of nuts, eggs and legumes. You can also counter your body's hormonal imbalance by taking in more natural and healthy fats, which you can get from eating avocados, flax seeds, yogurt, cottage cheese and coconut milk products. If you are looking for a diet to burn fat, try the venus factor diet by John Barban.