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Stainless steel benches, trolleys, shelves and tables

Stainless steel benches:
Stainless steel tables and benches are made of a high grade 304 stainless steel. The stainless steel benches are corrosion resistant, hygienic and durable. If it is fitted with our lockable castors, it gives the freedom of moving the bench at your convenience. It is available with an under-shelf and its height can be adjusted too. The additional under-shelf can be fixed in order to have extra storage space.
Stainless steel trolleys:
Stainless steel as well as plastic trolleys are considered a great addition not only to the business but also for homes. The stainless steel trolleys are best used in kitchen for holding glasses and plates. These are ideal for entertainment/ music station and in art and craft area as well. The trolleys have two or three shelves that are very helpful. It can also be used for medical and surgery purpose for keeping different tools and medicines. The trolleys are very light weight and thus very easy to move around. These are available with lockable castors.
Stainless steel sink benches and bowls:
Stainless steel bench with sink are also available with one, two or three sink bowls. These are fully welded and polished. The stainless steel benches are available in different sizes. The design of the bench with sink is the both right hand side sink bowl as well as left hand side sink bowl. It has round stainless steel tube legs with stain polish; the leg tubes are provided in different diameters.
Stainless steel kitchen shelving:
A great variety of latest stainless steel kitchen shelving is available now. These are very beautiful stainless steel shelves for kitchen use. These are available with 3, 4 or 5 tiers. All the shelves are adjustable. Wonderfully, each shelf is able to hold 66 lbs evenly distributed. Very smooth 4 rolling casters wheels make the shelf move easily; 2 of the four wheels are lockable.
Stainless steel table:
These durable commercial worktables are made with premium 14, 16 and 18 gauge stainless steel. These are closest to your demands are requirements as it is a high quality product. The stainless steel table is the best choice for commercial use; recommended for butcher shop as it can withstand repeated and heavy blows from a cleaver without denting. These tables are made of 304 stainless steel and are corrosion resistant as well. These are also available with an undershelf.
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