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Some Different Electric Car Charging Equipment Suppliers

As the market for electric cars grows, more and more companies will be looking to get on the bandwagon and benefit from this electric vehicle boom. There are a number of different electric car charging equipment suppliers and manufacturers who ass supply high quality charging solutions to the marketplace with benefits and drawbacks from their individual, unique designs. To find out more, we need to take a look at some of the different units which are currently on offer for people across the UK to purchase.
One of the familiar names you may recognise when talking about electric car charging equipment suppliers is Seimens. Maybe 10 or so years ago you may have had a phone made by the german company but Seimens' real speciality is making specialist electrical equipment like MRI scanners and X Ray machines for hospitals. This background in making highly technical electrical equipment serves them well for they foray into the world of electric motoring. German engineering and build quality is always a positive then buying any product be it a car or an electric car charger. You know you can rely on a charger such as the ones Siemens are manufacturing.
Another German brand which have a great value charger available for your home is Bosch. When most people think of Bosch they often picture DIY hardware and power tools rather than electric car charging equipment suppliers but Bosch have years of experience making electrical components and equipment. A cheaper option than many, their 30 amp systems are perfect for quick charging an number of electric vehicles and they provide high quality performance with rugged and reliable durability. As long as you pick a reputable charging station supplier you know you have a quality product which should serve you and your family for years to come.
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