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SnoozZz -Upgrades that'll make sure that you forget using the snooze button!

Alarm clocks are meant to wake you up on the prescribed time yet people simply press the snooze button each time the alarms rings. The snooze button puts the alarm to rest for a time period of a few minutes giving you enough time to go back to sleep and miss a very important meeting or get late for any other thing that you were supposed to reach on time. In short the alarm clocks have just become nothing but a formality. However, Google play store has launched SnoozZz which is nothing but an alarm clock app but while using this app a person would at least think a couple of times before hitting the snooze tab.
Everyone knows when you press the snooze button
Android users can now install an amazing new alarm clock app that tends to wake you up on time as it magnificently reduces the rate of the snooze tab being pressed. What the developers of SnoozZz have come up is pretty much simple yet quite effective. The app has a unique feature that every time a user presses the snooze tab, the app will automatically post it on the users profile on Facebook or Twitter, saying that the user has put his alarm clock on snooze. So if you get late for a meeting or a flight, everyone in your social network on Facebook or Twitter will come to know that you yourself put your alarm clock on snooze. Obviously chances are that your boss, client or colleague from office also finds out why you couldn't get to the meeting on time which could get you in trouble. So now you'll definitely think a couple of times before you go for that snooze button. Alarm clocks just got social to ensure that you get up on time and meet your goals as intended.
Up and Coming, Get fined for pressing the snooze button
There are people who still won't care if there social network gets exposed to their activity regarding alarm clock being put on snooze. For them it's pretty hard to even give it a thought before pressing the snooze tab and they usually end up doing so. But the developers of the amazing SnoozZz app also have an alternative to this matter. Along with the option of posting the snooze activity on your Facebook and Twitter profiles it would also be allowing an option through which you'll actually lose money every time you hit the snooze button. Now money is something everyone cares about. No one can afford to lose money for simply being careless and pressing the snooze button when their alarm goes ringing.
Sleep till you run out of money
SnoozZzwill soon be having an option through which you can link the app to your PayPal account. The app would simply get synchronized to your PayPal account and every time you press the snooze tab when your alarm is ringing, the app would send a request to PayPal whichwould result in a minor deduction from your PayPal account. So for those of you who think that even the threat of posting your snooze activity on social networks can't stop you from avoiding the snooze button, try the PayPal deduction option in SnoozZz.
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