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Should I Write My Script on Computer or With Pen and Paper?

Have you ever heard the expression "The medium affects the finished product"? Some people believe this to be absolutely true when it comes to script writing, so all of their scripts are written out by hand using pen and paper. Others swear by the computer, as they can use script writing software to help make their work a lot easier.
But which is the best option for you?
Pen and Paper
There are those that consider themselves "purists", and they are the ones that write everything out on paper the old fashioned way. There is nothing wrong with this, and, in fact, many people can write more easily when they are looking at a piece of paper. There is something very daunting about a blank computer screen, and it may make your writing harder.Getting distracted is much harder when you're working with pen and paper. After all, your legal pad isn't going to chat you or let you know that you've received an email. If you have a hard time focusing on your work, you may want to go with the pen and paper. The beauty of working with pen and paper is that you can do it just about anywhere you are. You can take a legal pad around with you wherever you go. If you get a sudden inspiration for your script writing, pull out the pen and you can write it down. If you travel a lot, electronics can be a hindrance almost as much as a help. With pen and paper, your battery will never die, you'll never have to turn it off during a plane's takeoff, and there will never be any hardware issues that will cause you to lose the manuscript.
The beauty of working with computers is that they can make script writing a lot easier. While you have to type everything out using pen and paper, word processors like Microsoft Word will help you to type more quickly than you could ever write. For those who can't spend hours sitting and doing nothing but script writing, being able to work quickly is a must.Script writing software can also help to make your life a whole lot easier. When you write a manuscript by hand, you may have to hire someone to type out the pages just so you can compile it into one solid script ready to be presented to producers. This can be quite time-consuming, and will cost you more. With computers, you can simply hit the "Print" button once you finish your script writing, and it will be ready for you to promote.Finally, it's much less likely that you'll lose your work while working on computer. Sure, hardware issues can cause you to lose files stored on your hard drive, but what about files stored on the Cloud, a virtual server, or in your email inbox? These files can be accessed from literally any computer, and you'll never truly lose that script.
Both paper and computer are excellent mediums for script writer jobs, and it's up to you to choose which works best for you. Once you're done writing that title script writer.