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Real leaders develop more leaders

The success of a leader is often measured by the number of followers. Unfortunately, this view of leadership is very outdated. At the present time it is very important that leaders develop other leaders. To me the success of a leader can only be measured by the number of leaders he has trained/developed who are actually going to make a difference.
The behavior of many leaders ensures tracking behavior
The behavior of a leader determines how an employee develops. Many leaders focus mainly on developing followers rather than leaders. If a leader is primarily concerned with giving orders and checking if orders are being followed, the employee will primarily be a follower. If the leader emphasizes more personal responsibility, then the chances are much greater that the employee can develop into a leader. So if you want people to be leaders, you should encourage them primarily to take responsibility.
What should you do to develop leaders?
There are four very simple advices to develop leaders. Of course, in practice it is a little more complex, but with this advice you come a long way. These four advices are very suitable if you need to act as a leader to other leaders but also if you want to control operational staff.
The starting point of these advices:
Approach everyone as a potential leader and not a as follower.
Advice 1: Make very clear how extensive the playground is. To grow in leadership skills, an employee needs his own “playground”. As long as the employee stays within this latitude, you are not allowed to interfere. Within this playground only he is allowed to determine how to tackle issues and how to realize the goals that are set.
Advice 2: Set targets which make it impossible for the employee to achieve on his own. He is thereby forced to put a team together to achieve this goal. He is in this way also encouraged to inspire others. This motivates to work together in an effective way.
Advice 3: Set very tight deadlines. Developing leaders means that you set them challenging targets in a tight period of time. The goal is to let people think that it is impossible in that time period. However, time is inflexible. A tight deadline therefore ensures creativity, dedication, perseverance and leadership.
Advice 4: Ensure that the growth occurs gradually and naturally. To develop leaders you need to expand the challenges on each of the above three tips step by step. Start with a challenge that fits the level of the employee and extend the challenges incrementally.

Everyone has certain leadership competencies. In a business where they can develop skills, success is inevitable. Real leaders will therefore provide more leaders, not more followers.
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