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Racy Rivals Automated Strip Blackjack Game

RacyRivals Strip Blackjack is dubiously the best game of its kind available. Sure this sort of thing is not for everyone; it's truly a cheesy, campy, female-obsessed, stag party novelty game. But take a closer look and notice the cinematic and artistic merits that this game brings to your desktop display. Gold frames, and plush, velvet, playing surfaces give RacyRivals a heavy touch of elegance. The girls who act as dealers do not present themselves as anything but the authentic characters they portray - meaning they are not seem like cheap strippers. This is because they are not strippers, they are actresses. No tattoos, no fake physical attributes, no over-the-top sexualization - these girls are talented and authentic thespians.
The over-all experience is immersive and visually consistent. The game is heavily scripted and acted out with great realism. If you like blackjack, this game will not disappoint; it's probably the closest thing to a real-live casino blackjack game that you will find any place other than Las Vegas. Blackjack is a mathematical game, but you do not have to think too hard working out the math while playing RacyRivals; the game keeps and displays the point total for each hand as you play. You can split up to two levels and double-down on 9, 10 and 11. Make this game part of your pre-casino practice, and you'll improve your skill while you enjoy the scenery provided by the pretty dealers. The standard game is slightly weighted toward the player, but there's a menu option to switch to "Casino Style" - in casino mode you will certainly feel the bite of house-heavy odds. One nice aspect of RacyRivals Strip Blackjack, is the ability to choose your dealer. Find your favorite from the twelve rivals currently available, and more are released each month.
Each girl has her own theme and personality. Most are soft and sweet (Casino Jenny), but some are bossy and more abrasive (Cabin Pearl). They constantly comment and update you as the game progressives. They notice when you've been winning too much, and also when you pause too long. There are enticing easter eggs buried within the game that will only be revealed through extensive game play. Try this game out right now by downloading the free demo (available on the homepage). The free demo game, is workplace safe and gives you a pretty good idea of what the full game offers.
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