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Preferred Personnel Canada is the best-in-class nanny placement agency Calgary

Preferred Personnel in Canada is one of the leading Nanny placement agency Calgary which has years of experience in helping employers choose the right nanny to take care of their child or their elderly. Preferred Personnel has a huge pool of Calgary nannies, most of whom are natives of Canada but many who are natives of other countries and have come to Canada in search for a new job or a new life. However, irrespective of whether the nanny is native to Canada or any other country, Preferred Personnel ensures that before adding a nanny's name to their database, all her credentials, educational qualifications, referrals as well as immigration papers etc. in case of overseas nanny are verified and approved. It is because of this strict protocol followed by Preferred Personnel that it has made a name in the field as one of the best nanny placement agency Calgary.
Preferred Personnel is an agency which not only provides nannies for childcare but also has a huge database of caregivers to take care of the elderly. Preferred Personnel also prides itself for being one of the friendliest nanny services in Calgary for whom the satisfaction of their clients is of the utmost priority. For this, they have a very polite and courteous staff who gives a patient hearing to each client.
The agency also has a full-time consultant as well as a lawyer who can explain all the technicalities behind hiring a nanny to the clients. A consultant is great for those people who do are not sure what kind of nanny they should get as he is a trained professional with wide experience who can pick the right choice on behalf of the clients after hearing their needs. On the other hand, legal counsel from a lawyer will be quite welcome for those who want to know their obligations towards the nanny and the agency as well as the agency's obligations towards them.
Here is a brief overview of the basic services which Preferred Personnel in Canada provides to each of its clients with respect to assisting them in hiring the perfect Calgary nanny:
" Any nanny who is hired through the placement agency would have had all her government papers verified by the agency itself. This prevents clients from hiring nannies who may be illegal immigrants making them cause for trouble in the future.
" All the credentials, educational qualifications and referrals from past clients are verified and approved before adding a nanny's name to the agency database.
" Many new parents require guidance through the interview procedure since they are confused about what all they require from a nanny who will become almost a part of their family. Preferred Personnel is happy to provide it.
" Preferred Personnel also gives its clients a start-up kit to educate them about the obligations of the nanny. It contains a number of checklists including cleaning list, daily menu list, basic daily routines and childcare ideas.
" Possibly the best part about hiring a nanny with the help of Preferred Personnel placement agency is that they give a one-year placement guarantee i.e. if a nanny leaves before the expiry of one year or if the employers are dissatisfied with the service of the nanny they hired, the agency will replace the nanny immediately.