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So, you need some free points. Who does not want free? It's like silly question to ask but yeah today I am going to show you how to get free Microsoft Points. I will also show the way to get Free Xbox Live Gold Membership that can be very useful for Xbox Live account.
Frankly saying, there are so many Microsoft Points generator are available in market and all sites are claiming to have fully working Generator. But the truth is that they aren't work at all and you don't get any free Microsoft points from that tool. Some sites are that much dangerous that they can install virus and Malwares in your computer. You must stumble across them about the appropriate day. Apart from this, Microsoft server also has its algorithm that can easily find points value that hasn't been generated from their server but it has been generated from third party generator software. And there will be chances of permanently suspension of your Xbox 360 account.
So, you might have questions like If I use this free MSP generator, will my Xbox account be banned or not? Is it Safe to use this type of free available generator? Now I am going to answer all of these questions.
Your Xbox Live account will never get banned if you redeem Microsoft points that you have generated from available Microsoft Points generator. But if you use fake generator that is available in market, there are chances that your XBOX account will be banned. And there is possibility that you can end up installing virus and Malware in your system.
As said earlier, There is one way out of many complex ways toget FREE and SAFE alternative to get Free Microsoft Points using a Microsoft Points GENERATOR. There is one and only one site available in market that can solve your problem of getting free Xbox live codes. This site is giving away all the XBOX related membership for free. Its giveaway offers don't end here sinceyou can get free xbox live gold membership codes with getting free Microsoft points. The membership is very much useful to enter or say login and go online so that you can enjoy multiplayer games with your friends. This kind of Free Xbox live gold membership is very important and It can be around 1 months or say maximum up to 12 months .You can generate your own codes and activate them to gain instant access.
And there Microsoft points generator is possibility that you can end up installing virus and Malware Free XBOX live codes in your system.