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Lender That Process Stated Income Home Loans

Everyone on the planet dreams to have their own cozy home that they can share with their beloved family. However, even though they have the right to provide their families with a comfortable home, not everyone has an easy access to it. The people with steady job in a big and reputable company are less unlikely to find any difficulty in earning their home. On the contrary, the people with self employed system find it very hard to qualify for a mortgage. This is when a stated income home loans.
comes to rescue. The mortgage for self employed are naturally meant to increase the chances of self employed individuals to own their own houses.
Without a job security, it is almost impossible for any individual to secure an approval on their mortgage loans. This has been a classic issue to many self employed borrowers or business owners. Luckily, as long as they can come up with all the relevant information and required documentation, the chances of getting the mortgage loan are very high. In addition to that, it is very important that the self employed applicants are able to meet all the necessary requirements stated by the lenders. Apparently, there are many types of lenders in this world and some of them are actually specializing themselves in helping self employed business owners or borrowers get approval to their mortgage loan. Should they care about increasing the chance of getting mortgage loan approval and making the whole process much easier, a careful selection of the lender is highly required.
Before choosing the right lender to deal with their mortgage loan, it would be a lot wiser to be more knowledgeable about the requirements for every stated income loans. Any individual who is self employed must be able to provide 30% down payment should they wish to get a self employed mortgage. Below that, any self employed mortgage loan applicant shall not get the needed approval. Interestingly, the applicants may rely on some help from their family members or close friends to fill this requirement. One third of the required down payment may come in a form of gift funds. Thus, discussing the mortgage issue with some friends or family member can be very beneficial.
Every self employed borrower must also come up with 600 points of FICO score. Higher score will surely improve the chance of getting approval. The minimum amount to be borrow for a no income verification mortgage is $125,000 and such a mortgage loan can be used for investor properties only.
Finding the Right Lender
There are many lenders to choose from but finding the ones that will make things a lot easier when it comes to getting mortgage loan approvals is quite a challenge. has been highly experienced in helping many borrowers with their no income verification loans, stated income loans and self employed mortgage loans. Interestingly, this reputable lender tends to rely on the information obtained from the borrowers. They simply put aside the qualification that comes from income and tax return documents. Feel free to dial (818) 456-5838 for more details about