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How to Make Your Teeth Spring Clean

Sparkling teeth add value to the personality. They show that the person is energetic, enthusiastic, lively and perfectly fit. In professional life, you can win many people just by smiling and your teeth add value to your smile. If you think you have the best smile, you must have been very strict in following what your dentists suggested and there are no complicated processes involved in keeping teeth white and bright.
If you sum up all the activities needed to protect your teeth, and calculate the amount of time on each of them, you will be surprised that you only have to spend an hour or less in the entire day.
These activities include:
" Brushing twice a day for a total of 8 minutes
" Flossing once a day for 10 to 15 minutes
" Rinsing your mouth with water after every meal will take not more than 2 minutes in total
Then there are few other things you should take care of, such as:
" Not to take too much sugary food
" Avoid taking too many beverages
" Not to smoke or chew tobacco
" Take milk, yogurt and vitamin juices for calcium and vitamins
" Not to eat high acid food too much
" Use fluoridated water or fluoride toothpaste
These activities, and more perhaps, help you improve your tooth protection. Apart from maintaining a lively smile on your face, you will also be protected from critical health problems such as heart attacks, oral cancer, tooth decay, high blood pressure, diabetes and more.
However, your efforts to keep your teeth bright and strong also require a professional hand. Mississauga dentists recommend that you should get a complete oral checkup after every six months. In your dental exam, dentist Mississauga will perform dental cleaning and remove those small particles that were difficult to remove by means of brushing or flossing.
According to expert dentists, professional dental cleaning, known as prophylaxis (prophy), reinforces your oral care methods that you've been using at your own. It helps people in a number of ways:
" It preserves health of your teeth and mouth
" It prevents the spread of diseases
" Your dentists in Mississauga will check all the teeth along with other parts of your mouth and guide you with necessary measures, in case of any unfortunate health risk, such as oral cancer or gum disease.
Dental cleaning services are categorized into three services.
1. Diagnostic service: It includes complete review of your medical history and updates regarding different health issues you may have developed in between two successive visits. Your dental surgeon will check your blood pressure, examine your teeth, evaluate gum tissues, check your eating and swallowing patterns, develop treatment and take x-ray for further examination of your teeth.
2. Prevention service: This particular service may include removal of plaque, fluoride application, stain removal, sealants and more.
3. Educational service: Your dentist will also teach you how to brush and floss your teeth, based on your tooth structure. He will also provide nutritional counselling and recommend further treatments if needed.