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How to Increase your real estate listings in Mississauga Ontario

Every real estate agent Mississauga has to offer will tell you that they get paid only when deals are sealed and a lot more deals can be sealed if you have great listings. You will need some great strategies in order to increase your Real estate listings in Mississauga Ontario and be successful and we will help you with just that. We have put together some strategies which you can apply to increase your listings and hence increase your potential clients.
" Lookout for withdrawn or expired listings
o Scour the MLS to find out about the homes that couldn't sell back then. Chances are that they were seen as overpriced and hence failed to find buyers at the time. If the listed price seems to be a lot more reasonable in the present market then contact then you can contact the owners and set up a deal. If you get a positive response from the owners then you can search for potential buyers for the same property. Every realtor in Mississauga should do this to get more listings.
" Generate leads at open houses
o As any real estate agent in Mississauga would agree, open houses are a great way to meet your potential clients. Talk to the visitors of an open house and get their contact. Chances are that these become your clients sometime in the future considering that they are on the lookout for some great properties in the market. You can set up a meeting with them and help them find the right property.
" Explore rental listings
o Check out the rental listings from the past. A lot of times these properties were rented out since the owners of the place couldn't afford to sell it back then. There may be several reasons why it couldn't be sold back then. You can now talk to the owners and set up a meeting with them and tell them that markets have changed now and what was deemed to remain unsold back then could now be sold.
" Nurture your clients from the past
o Remain on good terms with all of your clients and stay in constant touch. An anniversary card congratulating them on their years in the house can be a nice touch. Staying on good terms with these clients may help you clench more deals in the future. Whenever these clients want to buy or sell a property chances are that they will contact their real estate agent in Mississauga to get the job done.
" Keep an eye out for empty nesters
o Large houses that were bought a couple of decades ago by couples to raise their children now largely remain empty. You can contact these owners and try to find out if they are interested in selling these properties. More often than not these owners will give you a positive response since they would now want to downgrade their lifestyle and maybe move into a place that is smaller than their present residence. You can then look out for buyers who are looking for such properties.
Remember, it is you who has to look out for potential clients and not the other way round.