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How to Apply Keratin Treatment in 7 Simple Steps

Everyone talks about keratin treatment these days. Keratin is a protein that is present in your hairs. Keratin process takes 90 minutes, or longer (depending upon how long your hairs are). Keratin treatment is quite effective because it can reduce your blow-dry time up to 60%. The treatment works well in almost all kinds of seasons. You don't have to worry about your hairs in light rain, your hairs won't get affected. It is important that you should leave your head water free for three to four days after treatment.
Almost every salon in Toronto offers this treatment. And why shouldn't they? This treatment has become quite popular and, is a source of revenue for them. If you're checking venues where you can find keratin treatment, you may want to check that offers top hair treatments in the city. If you talk to the experts, they'll tell you in detail how to apply Keratin treatment. In the lights of what experts had to add, this treatment has been broken down into seven simple steps, so that you can learn, and even do it yourself at home.
1. Choose the right product
It is vitally important that you or your hair stylist chose the right keratin treatment for your hairs. You must have heard about some keratin products that contain formaldehyde that can be dangerous for your hair.
2. Wash Vigorously
After choosing the product, second step is to prepare your hairs for the treatment. in this step you need to shampoo your hairs from recommended brand. It may take some time because your hairs need to be absolutely clean and perfect for treatment. You may be required to shampoo your hairs three to four times.
3. Time for treatment
There are different kinds of treatments. Some of them may be applied on damp hairs and some of them are applied on dry hairs. Anyways, divide the hairs into 4 sections and apply the treatment from top to bottom. Some hair salons in Toronto apply the treatment with spray and other use brush. After applying the treatment, use toothcomb to penetrate the product into every part of your scalp.
4. Processing time
It takes between 10-20 minutes in the process. After completing the process, go to the next step.
5. Blow Dry
Use blow dryer to dry the product so that it gets into the hair. The process may take a while to dry the whole thing.
6. Flat Iron
Take ceramic iron on about 450 degrees and apply it to different sections of hairs. Continue the process until there is no product left in the hairs.
7. What to do afterwards
Now you have to leave your hairs in this way for three to four days. Don't tie your hairs and don't wash them. Don't use anything on your hairs for three to dour days. After three days, shampoo them with sulfate free shampoo with conditioner.
The process requires perfection and professional hands. So, it is recommended that you should consult a salon in Toronto in order to get Keratin treatment for your hair.