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Hire the services of Mitch Engel Law, the best criminal defence attorneys in Brampton

A person who has been accused of a crime which warrants a hefty fine or a long prison sentence, if he is found to be guilty, goes through a very tough time while his legal proceedings are going on. It is even worse when the person has been falsely accused or has been framed, in spite of being innocent. At this time, it becomes imperative that the services of a reputed Brampton criminal lawyer be engaged who can help him not just to go through this tough time through his expert legal advice but who can also ensure that the accused gets justice.
Mitch Engel Law is one such reputed firm of criminal defence lawyer Bramptonwhose years of expertise is focused on handling cases in different areas of criminal law. Some such areas are:
" Assault
" Theft
" Homicide
" Fraud
" Shoplifting
" Drug Offences
" Bail hearings
" White collar crimes
For a complete list of their practice areas, one can visit their official website .
Mitch Engel Law, being a Brampton criminal law firm, has a team of some of the best attorneys in the country which have cinched victories in some of the toughest cases. This is so because the attorneys there have a knack for picking out unique arguments in the case which turn out to be very hard for the prosecutor to refute and which prove the innocence of the accused. Apart from all the proceedings which go on in the court premises, the attorneys also focus on several different aspects associated with each case. Some such services which can prove to be very advantageous for the client are listed below:
" The concept of plea-bargaining is quite popular in the courts of Canada. This essentially means the accused accepting his crime in order to avoid a lengthy trial proceeding, saving the time and effort of the Prosecutor. In return, the prosecutor may choose to make a deal with the defence attorney to press for a lower prison sentence or a less hefty fine.
However, prosecutors generally choose not to deal with the accused themselves and therefore, a criminal defence lawyer Brampton is necessary to be engaged if one wants to go for plea bargaining.
" An attorney's advice also proves to be priceless when it comes to choosing the prison sentence. More often than not, attorneys are able to work out solutions so that the accused can avoid a lengthy prison sentence by combining it with work in the social sector or in some other way. For example, for a person who goes to jail for driving under influence, his prison term can be cut down to a great extent by suggesting him to spend some time in a rehabilitation centre in exchange for prison.
" If a person has been released on bail or even if he has an on-going legal proceeding, hiring an attorney will enable him to keep track of all the rules and regulations he has to follow. Brampton criminal lawyers would be familiar with the obligations that a person on bail is under and would be able to advise him with respect to different situations like travelling abroad, police search of the house etc.