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Happy Wheels could make you really happy

If you are searching for some fun and undemanding game, you might try Happy Wheels. It is a physics based racing game. If you find gory details interesting, this is the perfect game for you, since characters lose most of their body parts and litres of blood if they make a mistake and fall on some obstacle. Most people like it for its simple rules and catchy atmosphere. Some levels have a goal to reach the finish line or collect some tokens; however, there are no points or some other marks to show how good you are in many levels. Unblocked Happy Wheels is the simple game created for you to spend some good time.Once you start playing it, you may believe it is very compelling, and pretty soon you will be recommending it to your friends.
Happy wheels games are browser games created in 2010 by Jim Bonacci and Jason Schymick. In a very simple plot, player has to help his character to travel as long as he could use different vehicles. Most common characteristic of this game is very graphic violence. Some people find it disgusting, but most players thing it is so extravagant that it becomes ridiculous. Players can produce their own levels and share it on public servers, which makes this game even more exciting and challenging. Till today, there are more than 6 million levels that users created. Full version of this game is available only on Jim Bonacci official website, while demo versions are free and licence on other websites.
Happy Wheels demo is different from most of the demos that will just tease you without some real action. Here you can choose your track and character. Each character has its own abilities and controls that make him move along the tracks. Wehicles they use are sometimes unexpected. Some of them are invalid wheelchair, segway, bike, lawnmower, helicopter or electric shopping cart. Happy Wheels game is very graphic, and it is not recommended to people with a weak stomach, since they could find it overmuch for their taste.
You can play Happy Wheels unblocked games for free in different websites. Beginners, as well as, experienced players might enjoy in many levels, and characters who are riding different vehicles. You can play it on your computer, tablet or mobile device. If you want to play your Happy Wheels full screen, it is a great way to make your adventure even more exciting. Experienced players can share their tips and tricks with newbies. Anyone can play this game, from children to old people. Who is your favourite character? Is it old man in a wheelchair, irresponsible dad or segway guy? What is your favorite setting? Is it tame green hills, city roofs or BMX park? Where do you usually play this game? Maybe you play it at home, in your school or even at lunch time on your work. It does not matter, as long as you enjoy it. It is sure Unblocked Happy Wheels will ensure you hour of great fun, and that is all you need to know about it.
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