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Fun Town RV Superstore

Fun Town RV is a Texas based RV dealership with all kinds of recreational vehicles in their lineup, whether you are looking for park models for sale, or fifth wheels for sale, chances are, you'll find it there. Toy Haulers are a lot like small houses, but in them, you can feel at home anytime while being on the road, and they offer enough space to store any other vehicles like a Jet Ski or a sand buggy. Those toy haulers are ideal for not only family vacations, but for a simple road trip as well. They are listed as fifth wheels, and you can find various brands and designs on the site with many floorplan options. Let's take a more detailed look just exactly what kind of RV's the dealership is offering at the moment.
The Palomino Columbus
The Palomino Columbus is another impressive toy hauler. Just like the above mentioned models, the Columbus also comes with an extremely aerodynamic design that allows it have a much better gas mileage than your everyday RV's. This recreational vehicle also passes every other test with flying colors, whether it is about its exterior or interior design. The Palomino Columbus comes with many special features that you won't just find in any other RV. With its basic (already massive) 37' length, it can accommodate 4 people minimal, but there are models with a 40'+ length that will be able to house even more people when needed.
Forest River Cherokee Vengeance
The Forest River Cherokee Vengeance is another quality solution when it comes to those popular travel trailers. Those RV's represent not only an achievable dream and goal for the medium budgeted families, but also a way of life that is quite enticing for those who likes to call the road as home for time to time. Those vehicles offer the joy of affordable luxury and when it comes to the RV world, they represent an ideal choice for many.
Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen
The Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen is a great choice for those who are seeking a quality RV that comes in many different designs. With various specifications, those fifth wheel vehicles will make any RV enthusiast feel good, and the Beauflor Durabac flooring solution, that comes with a great, 7 years warranty will offer the comfort of a really quality vehicle. The Heritage Glen, depending on the features, can be yours for as low as 30 thousands USD, and with every specification, the price still won't be higher than 35K, which is medium, high low category when it comes to quality travel trailers.
Coachmen Chaparral Lite
The Coachmen Chaparral Lite is a solid choice for any RV enthusiasts that seek a combination of an aerodynamic design and good gas mileage, while at the same time, doesn't want to give up the comfort. The Coachmen Chaparral comes with a huge living area, and it is still easy to tow, combining the best of both worlds.
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