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It can be rather difficult to pull a heavy travel trailer if you don't have a vehicle with enough horse power to get you and the trailer where you're trying to go. There's no need to fret though, if you have a smaller vehicle. Light weight travel trailers can be cramped, and uncomfortable. Not the Coachman Freedom Express ltz, it gives you all the comfort and luxury you would expect from a full sized travel trailer. Although it's a little smaller than the regular Coachman RV's, but with the pop outs that provide extra room, you won't even notice. You still get the same quality interior you've come to expect from Coachman RV's, but this lighter weight travel trailer will be able to go all the places you wouldn't be able to get to with the full sized Coachmen. If you're not happy with the ltz, the Coachman Freedom Express also comes with a Colman slide out grill. This surely will be the hit of your next outdoor party. The Coachman Freedom Express light weight travel trailers come in a variety of sizes. Depending on the model you're looking at, you can get them between 18' and 35'. With all models, there's still a master bedroom, and of course bunk beds for the kids. These trailers can sleep between 4 and 7 people, so have the kids bring some friends along on a camping trip over the next three day weekend. The swivel flat screen TV will keep them entertained on rainy days.
Although you can buy these wonderful travel trailers online, you're sure to get a better deal if you visit your local Georgia RV dealer. Whether you're searching for new RV's for sale in Georgia, or used RV's for sale in Georgia, your local Georgia RV dealer will happily help you find what you're looking for. However, make sure to check online RV dealer reviews before you choose a dealer to buy from. A little extra homework now, will save you a lot of time, money, and frustration in the long run!
If you're not sure where to start, has both new and used RV's for sale. They have many brands, including both the Coachman Freedom Express ltz, and the Coachman Freedom Express. They have a wonderful site where you can check out their large selection of both Freedom Express models. They have the specs easily accessible, along with dozens of pictures, and a floor plan for each RV. If you find the one you're looking for, they even have an easy access button to quickly and efficiently contact a sales representative. They also have finance options available.
No matter what the particulars are, that you're looking for in a light weight travel trailer, I'm sure you'll find it in a Coachman Freedom Express, or Coachman Freedom Express LTZ Model. If you have a half ton vehicle, or even just want to go camping off the beaten path, then these light weight models are what you're looking for. Happy light weight travels to you!
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