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Owning a fifth wheel or toy hauler is a very great achievement. However, there are things that you must have in order to enjoy you RV experience even more.
Surge Protector.
Electricity is not friendly when you come into direct contact with it. Unfortunately, most of the RV Parks have a wiring system that is so inconsistent in the sense that power surges and spikes are likely to be seen when doing the hook up between the RV and the electrical box. There is thus the need to have a power surge protector to safeguard your valuable coachmen encounter.
Tire Monitoring System
This is mandatory if you want a guarantee of your safety. There is the need to apply the TPMS system that is necessary for the purposes of monitoring you tire temperature as well as the pressure and give you an alert as to any issues. You could be using a forest river rockwood that may have a huge amount of weight hence any problem with one of the tires may lead to unnecessary accidents. Complete loss of pressure from all tires on one side of the trailer may be lethal especially if standing on a kind of steep slope. You stand the risk of your RV toppling. A good system will in most case give you warnings in advance. The TPMS is an appropriate system that can monitor as many tires as possible, up to about 22 wheels. The sensors are very light weight hence can be installed onto the tires easily without necessarily having to rebalance them. All you need to do is hold the monitor towards the sensor and each wheel will have its unique id sensor code recorded. It has the capacity to monitor temperature such which is a normal phenomenon for tire failure.
Two -Way Radios.
These are vital for communication purposes. Assuming you are using a dutchmen aerolite whereby some people are at the rear while others are on the front side. It is only natural that you may want to talk to each other at some point on your journey. This may be a bit complicated without radios. Shouting may not help. Another instant where it would be necessary to have the two-way radios is when you are having two groups each with its own coachmen Mirada. Naturally one group may go a bit far ahead yet there is still the need to talk to each other. In this case the best solution is to have these kinds of radios. Otherwise losing contact may just lead to more problems especially when one of the groups doesn't know the route quite well. The RV ahead may also be useful in acting as a traffic guide to the one behind. They will simply be informing the one behind as to the status of the traffic ahead.
One of the other greatly important components of your fifth wheel experience is the checklist. In fact this is a mandatory component for all the long time RVers. You may find it necessary to type the check list nicely and then ensure that it is laminated in order to protect it from any possible tear.
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