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Essential Elements of Krav Maga Style Martial Arts

Martial arts is an ancient form of self defense, meant to give strength, alertness and confidence to the person so that he can assess the situation and react in the best possible manner. Martial art is more than an adventure, fun, a source of enjoyment, or sport. It's a necessity based on the fact that human beings are consistently in a risk of losing their precious things including their lives. So, they need to develop special skills to give them a chance against their opponents, except for an inevitable death.
There are many forms of martial arts sports. Some most popular martial arts sports include:
" Judo
" Karate
" Kung Fu
" Kick Boxing
" Muay Thai
All of these sports require particular set of skills and training. They have different sets of attacks using the parts of arms and legs. And they can be lethal as well. The best thing about these sports is, they teach us how to defend ourselves when surrounded by strangers having bad intentions. They can be kidnappers, robbers, burglars, or a bunch of street fighters.
Krav Maga is among those modern martial arts styles that's been gaining popularity in the west, especially in Canada. For those who want to learn modern self defense styles, krav maga classes Toronto are best for self defense.
A Brief History
Krav maga style of self defense was originated in Israel in 1940's. Initially, it was practiced amongst security forces and law enforcement services who had to tackle criminals and terrorists. Later, it was made public in 1960's. Since then, this particular self defense style has been getting fame and popularity like Japanese and Chinese martial arts. There are quite a few Krav maga Toronto institutes where anyone can get registered and learn this style.
Hand to Hand Combat
The style is quite different from judo, karate, and other forms of self defense. In Krav Maga, opponents fight using their hands and they have a liberty to attack with closed fist, fingers, palm, back of the hand, elbow or shoulder. The theory behind this technique is, you have two hands to control your opponent. So you have to use them effectively to defend and disarm your opponent. But, it doesn't mean you don't use your legs. You can learn different kicking techniques as well. Krav Maga Stances
There are two main stances:
1. Neutral Stance or passive stance
2. Fighting stance
Strikes and Punches
There are as many as 12 different punches and strikes in karv maga. In Toronto Krav maga class, you can all of the following strikes:
1. Cross Body Punch
2. Elbow Strike
3. Hammer Fist
4. Eye Strike
5. Uppercut Punch
6. Hook Punch
7. Headbutt
8. Mouth of Hand
9. Inside Chop
10. Outside Chop
11. Straight Punch
12. Palm Heel Strike
Each of the above mentioned strikes can be defended with suitable defense techniques.
Kicking techniques
1. Axe Kick
2. Front Kick
3. Back Kick
4. Advancing Front Kick or Front Kick with Advance
5. Heel Kick
6. Vertical Front Kick
7. Round Kick
8. Slap Kick
9. Side Kick
10. Spinning Heel Kick
11. Leg Sweep
12. Spinning Outside Slap Kick
13. Sweep With Forward Kick
14. Sweep with Round Kick
15. Sweep With Heel Kick
16. Switch Kicks
17. Uppercut Back Kick