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Engage Brampton criminal defence lawyer's best services for white collar crimes

The most simple definition of a White Collar crime is a non-violent crime which involves fraudulent financial gain. This category of crime is committed most often by people who have access to large amounts of money because of their position with respect to a particular business firm. Other cases of these crimes involve well known white collar criminals who have had a conviction history for producing or circulating counterfeit notes etc. The term 'white collar' is used for these crimes to indicate that these crimes are generally committed by people who possess power in the financial circles because of their stature, reputation or money. To defend an accused in a court of law, one needs to engage Brampton criminal defence lawyer's best services such as those of the reputed law firm Mitch Engel Law. Here is a brief overlook at what activities may be classified as white collar crimes:
" Embezzlement fraud i.e. stashing away the company's money in a personal account.
" Credit Card fraud i.e. unauthorized use of a stolen credit card.
" Counterfeiting i.e. making unauthentic copies of currency notes or documents like immigration papers, driving license etc.
" Bankruptcy fraud i.e. hiding information from creditors or court to avoid paying loans or taxes.
" Trade Secrets theft i.e. selling secret information of a company to its rival in exchange for monetary compensation.
" Insider Trading, a kind of securities related crime which involves making illegal profits from trading at the stock exchange with the help of privileged information.
Since the Canadian legal system revolving around white collar crimes is quite complicated and also involves heavy penalties and sentences which can even comprise of jail term, it is recommended that at the tiniest whiff of a white collar crime, one should contact the best criminal defence lawyer Brampton. The first step to building a strong defence is to know your rights and to know to what extent the prosecutor is right in his accusations. A Brampton criminal lawyer who is an expert in the field, will be able to easily handle the various nuances involved in the case and be able to assist you in any way possible.
In spite of the legal expertise of a Brampton defence lawyer whose skills can lower the sentence, the accused should still be ready to face one or a combination of the following penalties:
" Hefty fines running into hundreds of thousands of dollars, usually depending on the nature and severity of the crime
" Compensation to the victim.
" Probation
" Community Service
" Prison term which can be either long or short, again depending on the nature of crime.
An important factor to be kept in mind is that since white collar crimes usually involve otherwise law-abiding and high powered citizens, the trials for such cases usually invites a lot of media attention and can turn into a high profile case putting the reputation of the accused on the line. In such a case, the services of a Brampton criminal defence lawyer such as Mitch Engel Law can help mitigate the losses incurred by paying special attention to these details and putting the entire focus on making the proceedings as easy as possible for their client.