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There are many amazing ways in which you can be able to explore and enjoy st Lucia and when you have some background information regarding the island, you will be in a great position to actually make a decision that will work out perfectly. There are many things to do in st Lucia when you are on holiday here and when you work with a good agency; you will not have to worry about the small details as they will all be covered.
One o the things that you need to have an idea about are the mode of transportation that you will use when you reach the island. St Lucia airport transfers can be taken advantage of as there are many options that are very viable. You can be able to select the kind of transfer mode that will prove to be cost effective and reliable to all your needs. The availably of a tour guide is also a good idea of you are to have a less hectic holiday in a destination so wonderful. Accommodation is also an important consideration and good agencies can be able to recommend the best that are available.
When heading pout for a st Lucia tour, there are various things that you should bring with you. You will be in need of swim suits, towels, video or camera, sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, water shoes, hiking shoes as well as gear for snorkelling if you want to engage in the same. The other thing about st Lucia that you will be able to notice is the availability of a wide range of dishes. You should be able to try out the cakes and all other delights that are found within this island so as to be able to wholly appreciate the holiday. A real st Lucia tour is never complete without a taste of the cuisines that are available here. To be able to get a greater experience, make sure that you arrange for a tour where you will have adequate time to engage in various activities and also get a chance to really enjoy the sun.
While on st Lucia tour, you can be able to visit the capital called Castries, the Derek Walcott square, the war memorial, the samaan tree which is said to be 400 years of age, the Morne fortune, Marigot bay, the government house, great banana plantations, walking stops within Anse La Raye and canaries, Soufriere which is an old town, the cold falls, botanical gardens located in Toraille, the sulphur spring, the pitons and most definitely the Caribbean sea that s a total delight. Excursions in st Lucia is a great thing since there are a lot of actions that one can be able to indulge in. it is a place that is fun and very safe and the locals are also very friendly which elevates the level to which you will be able to appreciate the island. St Lucia excursions allow you to have the finest time of sightseeing tours. The local attractions found in st Lucia are by far some of the best that the world has to offer. You should explore this region with the style and taste that you truly deserve and you will never regret being here in the first place.
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