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DUI Punishments and Your Options

If you want to remain safe of DUI charges, better not drive under influence. Every year DUI related accidents injure hundreds of thousands of people around the world, of which thousands of people die or become handicapped for the rest of their lives. This is the reason why DUI laws have been very strict in developed countries.
This post includes detailed information about impaired driving, its punishments and remedies. It also gives information about your rights and how you can exercise them. You can hire experienced traffic ticket service, like,
1. Impaired Driving
Impaired driving is also known as driving under influence (DUI). Different kinds of offenses are related to this particular offense and they have different penalties. There is no way you can get away with charges:
· Upon first conviction - $5000 to $25000
· Upon subsequent conviction - $10,000 to $50,000
· Driver's license suspension for one year.
· Participation in drug abuse program
2. Refusal to Cooperate
In relation to DUI charges, you will be held liable for other offense if you refuse to cooperate with the traffic police for breath sample test. It may include refusing to provide breath sample on the road; at the police station; at mobile station; in the hospital.
If you commit this offense for the first time, following penalties may apply:
· You will be prohibited to drive on the highway for one year
· A fine of at least $1000
· You have to participate in "Back to Track Program" which will cost $600.
· You have to install an interlock system in your vehicle for one year, at your own cost.
Further offenses and conviction may result in severer
punishments, including 6 months imprisonment. So, you need to consult traffic tickets legal Mississauga service to bail you out of charges, or reduce punishment.
3. Over 80mg
With respect to impaired driving, there is another offense that's more common. If you blow over 80 mg, you will be issued a ticket and may face following penalties:
For first conviction:
· At least $1000 fine
· One-year license suspension and driving prohibition
· Participation in wellness program to correct your behavior, at your own cost
· You have to install the screening device in your vehicle for the period of one year, at your own cost.
For second conviction (within 10 years of first conviction):
· 3-year license suspension and driving prohibition
· Minimum 30-day imprisonment
· Participation in wellness program for the period of 11 months and completion of all medical & psychological assessments during the program.
· Ignition interlock system must be installed for the period of 3 years
How to Defend
Mississauga traffic tickets services will do their best to defend you on following grounds:
· Whether you were stopped unlawfully
· Whether your rights were violated
· Calibration of intoxilyzer used
· Whether the procedure was inappropriate
· Video tape review
· Any other technical issue that can save you from possible punishment.
So, contact a professional service as soon as you get a ticket.