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Craniosacral Therapy

Hands on for Natural Health, by Zia Nath
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST)- a branch of Cranial Osteopathy, is a naturalistic approach to health and healing. Due to its gentle and non-invasive quality, it is fast growing popularity in the field of paramedical health care as a safe and effective model that supports disorders and imbalances of the body, restoring resiliency to our system and improving overall circulation.
Human life and health is dependent upon the craniosacral system within the body. It has recently been medically acknowledged as a natural, continuous body rhythm that promotes and maintains life in the body (along with the respiratory and circulatory systems).
The craniosacral rhythm can be felt all over the body as a slow, subtle wave like motion. This rhythm is caused by the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid, which bathes and nourishes the brain and nervous system. The fluid is enclosed in membranes, which line the bones of the head (cranium), pass down the vertebral column and attach again at the sacrum - hence the name 'craniosacral system'.By gently touching areas of the head and body a practitioner can tune into the rhythmic fluctuations working on it diagnostically and therapeutically.
The aliveness of the body can be felt in the rhythmic motion of the cerebrospinal fluid along with all the cells, tissues, bones and other fluids in the body. Craniosacral sessions enhance this natural flow and support the inner balance of the system, thereby restoring health to the nervous system and all other functions of the body.
The Biodynamic Approach of Craniosacral Therapy addresses and supports the Primary Respiratory System - the original matrix of health, carrying life potency to every cell, tissue and organ of our body. This approach rejuvenates our whole being as the body settles into a deeper space of stillness and meditative watchfulness.
The nature of the body is Health
The body has an innate capacity to heal and self-correct. The organism is made to maintain an inner equilibrium and does everything to return to it. A craniosacral practitioner supports this intrinsic capacity of health allowing the nervous system to restore itself, benefiting the whole body and general wellbeing.
In the sessions clients are encouraged to build a relationship with their body through a relaxed awareness, opening doors for communication - our body communicates with us through the language of sensations and feelings: comfort, discomfort, expansion, contraction, pain, relief, joy, sadness…..
By embracing these and holding them in a space of meditative watchfulness, reorganization and resolution happens from within. The body knows how to heal itself if we provide the space and allow it.
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy has a wholistic approach
The therapeutic approach consists of perceiving imbalances, compressions and misalignments and then supporting reorganization and better flow within the system. This balanced flow allows a variety of problems and illnesses to heal.
Additionally, through this work clients often feel emotionally cleansed and mentally integrated. This shows that our body is a network and working on one aspect beneficially reflects on the whole body and all its states.
A session typically lasts for 30 - 45 minutes. The client lies down, fully clothed on a session table as the practitioner works hands-on with a listening touch and receptive perception. A series of sessions is recommended for a problem to be completely resolved. This work is also beneficial in the absence of a problem as it brings us into deep relaxation with the feeling of being nourished from within.
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy helps heal and support:
" Spine related issues, neck and back problems, joint problems
" Headaches & migraines
" Dental trauma like TMJ issues (jaws), crossbites.
" Endocrinal, hormonal dysfunctions
" Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia
" Sensory disorders such as issues of eyes, ears, nasal cavity.
" Respiratory & thorasic issues, asthema, bronchitis, sinusitis
" Imbalances in the nervous system, digestive disorders, immunity problems
" Bell's Palsy, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Cerebral Palsy
" Children with neurological problems such as delayed milestons, learning disabilities, autisim, etc
" Conception & pregnancy support. Mothers during & after labor
" Babies: newly born & birth related traumas (breastfeeding, colic, reflux, etc)
" Trauma support from accidents, surgery, injury, shock, attacks, illness, etc
" Support for degenerative diseases & terminal illnesses This work is non invasive, extremely safe and there are no contraindications to its use.
Duration of each session is 30 - 45 minutes. . A series of craniosacral therapy sessions is recommended for a problem to be completely resolved.
A practitioner uses a gentle touch and a receptive perception to palpate the fluidic fluctuations of the body as the client lies down fully clothed in a restful position. The therapy addresses mainly the Craniosacral System of the body, along with the Autonomic Nervous System, the Musculoskeletal system, the metabolism of the individual and all other fluid structures like blood and lymphatic circulation.
CST is beneficial to the entire body and supports a range of disorders and restoring homeostasis of the nervous system. Due to its gentle nature it is received well by infants, children and the elderly. In the absence of a problem, a CST session is experienced as deeply relaxing and meditative, it rejuvenates the system, like taking a tonic to boost overall health. Join our Craniosacral Therapy Training
I am a practising paediatrician and I enrolled for the BCST course out of sheer curiosity. I found it incredible that a caring presence, compassion and gentle touch could work effectively where other modes of treatment had been unsuccessful, and I needed to find out how it worked. I was completely convinced when I saw how it worked on children who naturally are devoid of all artifice. The course material is succinct and precise, well-presented, very interesting, and absorbing. There is a layering of information which whets the appetite for more, and perceptive skills are finely honed with many practise sessions and long discussions. Bhadrena and Kavi are excellent teachers sincere and dedicated, really passionate about their work, and their assistants Zia, Richa, Ashwini, Devapriya and Sheelu all make an amazing team. It has been a great journey and an enriching experience. From : Dr. Goolu Sunavala, Paediatrician, Mumbai, India.
In May 2011, I was diagnosed with a slipped disc and was advised complete bed rest. Despite several days of adhering to this advice and taking several painkillers, I felt no relief at all. Seeing my plight, a relative recommended Ms. Zia Nath to me. On the 1st day itself, Zia accurately diagnosed me with an injured sacrum and the therapy provided me a great deal of relief. I instantly felt relaxed as the pain eased. From being in a position where sitting, walking and even lying down was excruciatingly painful, in a couple of weeks Craniosacral therapy has worked wonders. Now I feel no pain at all. Craniosacral therapy has also helped heal me holistically. I feel more positive, energetic and have adopted a much healthier lifestyle. I feel like a new person altogether. This is the first time I have tried Craniosacral therapy and having experienced the healing and therapeutic benefits it provides, I highly recommend Ms. Zia Nath. A Life changing experience.
Shevaun Menezes, Advertising,
Mumbai, India, 2011

I heard about craniosacral therapy from my sister in law who was recommended by her pediatrician in London to the sametherapy for her daughter suffering from reflux. My sister in law observed that my daughter was suffering from reflux as well. That`s when I realized that all the groaning and grunting, the tightening of the body and arching of the back that my daughter did, along with throwing up as soon as she finished a feed were all symptomsof reflux. Since craniosacral therapy is non invasive I thought of giving it a try. I thought if it doesn`t help, its not going to harm either. So I took my 3 month old to Zia, who was just wonderful. In just 2 sessions I saw the difference in my daughter. She started sleeping better, her groaning and grunting had stopped. She did not throw up anymore. My daughter was a different baby. I then asked Zia if she could help with my 3 year old son. He has an enlarged adenoid and wheezing issues with difficulty in breathing and he would breathe with his mouth open. Just a couple of sessions and I saw the difference with my son as well. He gained weight, is more active and overall a much healthier child. Even his pediatrician was shocked with the change in him. I was never a believer in alternate medicine, but after seeing the difference in my own children and myself (I have migraine issues which are now much better thanks to craniosacral therapy), I recommend Zia to every one of my friends. Zia has been absolutely amazing. Patient and so understanding. As this is a non invasive treatment, people like me, who are petrified of injections and don't like to medicate myself and my children, this alternate therapy has worked wonders.
Payal Patel, Mother
Mumbai, India 2011
"Beyond expectations. Did not expect such a fast recovery. Never been able to achieve this minimum level of medication in the past 12 yrs. When I first came to Zia is was on 35 medications a day. In the beginning I was unable to walk in a straight line. Now even my mental process has improved, I can do Sudoku and Kakurao at a fast speed successfully." I have also started slowly working."
Sandeep Varke, Printing & Dezign Work
Mumbai, India, 2006

Zia has cultivated a powerful gift that uses profound knowledge, deep insight and a multi-faceted (OR a breadth of) experience to gently propel her client into and through their healing process. I experienced immediate and lasting relief from a chronic headache after one session. My anxiousness, travel-sickness and out-of-balance nervous system were all dramatically improved with one session and resolved after four sessions of Craniosacral therapy and trauma support Zia's sessions were powerful enough to correct my problems, and her work is also most effective when used as a preventative health measure to achieve and maintain overall well being.
Lisa Scadron, Artist,
United States of America 2010