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Chefs, Showers, and closet space!

For the home chef that likes to travel, limited counter space in an RV can be a constant frustration. There's never enough room to chop, stir, or maneuver in general. Your counter space prayers have been answered! The Keystone Montana High Country is spacious enough on the interior; they were able to put in a kitchen island. If you are sick of takeout, and microwavable frozen entrees, and would like to be able to cook healthy meals for your family, even on the road, you should stop by your closest dealer and take a look inside the new Keystone Montana High Country! With four large pop outs, they've even provided you with an office pop out so you can get your work done wherever you are! Looking for something of similar quality and design, but would rather have the storage space, than the counter space? The Keystone Montana comes with five pop outs! Two of the pop outs are for the amazing master bedroom. The larger of the two pop outs fits half of the queen bed, so that when it is popped out, you have plenty of room to move around in your bedroom. No more stubbing toes on the corner of the bed! The bedroom also provides a smaller pop out for your beautiful wardrobe. Bring along all the outfits you think you'll ever need because the Keystone Montana will provide you with the space required! What a lovely thought, but the Keystone Montana models are a little out of your price range? Take a look at the Crossroads Zinger. They have both fifth wheels and travel trailers.
Your living space is a little smaller, but you still get a queen bed, large bathroom, and desk at the back of the RV. You can get your work done while you travel, or just enjoy the view while you relax and enjoy your dinner. If money is not the concern, but travel comfort and luxury are, the Thor Windsport is worth looking at. It's the perfect RV for couples that would prefer to travel in luxury. With two private bathrooms and dual closets, it's sure to keep the disagreements down. With the comfortable, easy ride cab, the Thor Windsport ensures a comfortable and relaxing road trip! Why suffer through a long road trip, strapped in uncomfortable bucket seats? There's no need to with these soft swivel chairs. You'll feel like you're relaxing in your recliner at home. It all sounds great, but you would rather get a regular motor home, and leave the truck at home? The large bunk over the cab of the Coachman Leprechaun invites you to bring guests, or the grandkids along. The stable and reliable Chevy motor will take you wherever your heart desires. The large shower provided in this new model shows that your comfort is Coachman Leprechaun's top priority. There's nothing worse than trying to keep your hygiene up in a shower that you can barely turn around in!
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