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Check out the pros and cons of choosing a foreign nanny over a native one here

Preferred Personnel of Canada Ltd. is a Calgary nanny placement agency which is a one-stop solution for the nanny needs of any family. Because of their wide database of qualified nannies whose credentials have been screened and approved by the agency, as well as the availability of full-time expert consultants to help the clients in making the right choice and guiding them through the interview procedure, Preferred Personnel has definitely made a name for itself as one of the most trusted and reliable nanny placement agency Calgary. For detailed information regarding the services this agency offers, one can visit their website at
One choice which employers are almost always faced with are whether to choose an overseas or a foreign nanny or to choose a nanny from Canada itself. Many employers are tempted with the idea of a foreign nanny because generally nannies coming from overseas have better credentials, would have had extensive training in nanny duties and would also have glowing references from previous employers. On the contrary, nannies that belong to Canada itself fade in comparison as they do not generally have as many qualifications as overseas nannies.
This is particularly true in case of nannies coming over from Philippines and other neighbouring countries. Since emigration of child care experts from these countries to Canada has been taking place for several years, the caregivers there are being especially trained so as to find high-paying and pleasant families for them to work for in Canada. On the other hand, Calgary nannieswho belong to Canada itself, more often than not, choose this profession not out of choice but because of lack of option, because of which they often to not have as many qualifications or requisite training as overseas nannies do.
However, hiring a nanny from another country involves a lot of complications. Firstly, it would be extremely difficult to find an overseas nanny through your own referrals or sources and harder still would be negotiating with her. Another big problem is checking up her credentials and references which becomes quite a difficult task unless you have personal contacts in the country to which the nanny belongs. Local nannies in Calgary will not only be easily accessible but it would be infinitely easier to check their credentials and references. Moreover, hiring a local or native nanny will also mean that you can meet her personally and conduct a face-to-face interview before giving a long term commitment.
Since hiring a foreign nanny has its advantages and disadvantages both, if an employer is still keen to hire the services of a foreign nanny, the best way to overcome the hurdles would be to approach a Calgary nanny placement agency like Preferred Personnel. Although there is usually a long waiting line for a foreign nanny and one might have to wait for several weeks, ultimately approaching a nanny agency is a really good option because the agency is better equipped to check the credentials of the overseas nanny. Besides, the agency is also responsible to get all her government papers including immigration papers in order as well as for negotiating the contract. The employers will definitely have to pay additional finding fees to the agency, but in the long run it will be worth it.