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Canadian laws on marijuana- Is it legal?

Cannabis or marijuana is the most conflicted and controversial organic substance of this century. Many protests on Government are held by civilians to make marijuana legal without restrictions. Marijuana is considered safe by majority because of it being a natural product derived from dried leaves, stems, seeds and flowers of Cannabis sativa. It is perfectly legal in countries like Philippines & Uruguay whereas in most countries it is restricted to strict laws and other countries deems it illegal to grow or consume marijuana. In restricted countries like Canada many medical marijuana consultants came forward to help those who are in need of marijuana on medical terms.
Legal terms on marijuana
Marijuana is illegal to possess without a proper prescription. However, it is true that ingestion of the substance is possible when permitted by a medical marijuana doctor. With permission and legal advice from MMPR consultants it is not a crime to grow marijuana within the house or at a large scale. Mass production of marijuana should meet the medicinal requirements of Health Canada, otherwise any cultivated low standard hemp is destroyed and the person is sent to prison.
Health Canada provides licenses to interested people for the production of hemp. To make it more convenient for interested people MMPR consultants like offer quality service. Many questions may arise about the necessity of medical marijuana consultants but it is not always easy to understand and detangle the laws existent on marijuana. In such circumstances interested clients may feel the process to be too complicated and may step back.
Need of marijuana
If fewer people produce marijuana, there is a possibility of crisis. There are many patients who are on marijuana legally who may suffer severely because of scarcity of cannabis. An interesting fact about the present scenario of marijuana in North America is- people from states where the drug is illegal are coming to Canada so they can use the drug for medicinal purposes. MMPR consultants act as a bridge between Health Canada and people who need marijuana for medical purposes. Individuals who are granted to use marijuana in Canadian states have to follow certain rules to avoid harm's way:
" In any situation an individual cannot give his/her supplement to others.
" It is accepted to grow marijuana plants in the house but the number must not exceed seven.
" Marijuana cannot be purchased from other countries.
" Marijuana produced in the country cannot be exported to other regions.
" Hash oil, resin and similar kind of derivatives can be produced for utilization by using marijuana.
" The new court rules state that any form of marijuana is allowed within the restricted limits.
" A person cannot contain more than 150 grams of marijuana in any form.
It is evident that medical marijuana medical consultants play a prominent role in providing services to both want to be commercial growers and patients by making them understand the risks and restrictions involved further making sure their clients are strict to follow Canadian rules on marijuana.