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British Academy For Training and Development

For anyone seeking short courses, short professional Diplomas or Masters; I have the solution here. A London based training academy is the answer for those seeking professional enhancement and experience.
British Academy For Training and Development (BATD) is a leading British academy specializing in the training of public and private sector organizations and individuals. Through our headquarters in the UK and Europe, and other parts of the world; we provide unique learning services to enhance people's performance in the workplace in the areas of Management, Media, PR and Information Technology and other domains.
An Academy with confidence, excellence and assurance to bring success to organizations and clients who are seeking to improve their skills and performance. All this is carried out through our innovative and robust learning solutions and techniques.
BATD is staffed with skilful, enthusiastic and experienced people. We have a unique multi-national and multi-lingual team, equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge in various international business and universities. BATD includes very experienced trainers, consultants and academics on various domains. Our services are offered in various languages like English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish and Italian.
BATD delivers a range of international consultancy, learning and development solutions worldwide, including:
" Delivering customized training programmes and learning and development solutions in accordance with organizations' and individuals' requirements
" Tailored advice, coaching and support programmes equipped the most updates in related sciences.
" Transferring successful business projects, expertise and enterprises from one country to another through:
1- Conferences and seminars.
2- Field Training
3- Meetings with successful celebrity businessmen.
4- Short-term business exchange opportunities, and business trips
" Enabling businesses, local authorities, Public and Private sectors to interact with their counterparts at an international level.
Field Training Services
Field training known also as practical courses are unique opportunities for professional employees. Many of our courses are executed within practical form where delegates receive their training in the field. For example some management, finance and accounting courses take place in working environment where trainees can experience the skill of solving problems and acquire new knowledge. Also, media courses like filming, photography and other courses are trained in some of well-known media outlets. Delegates requiring courses in language can also benefit from this service to improve their English in a short time.
Field training can be done as:
1- Direct coaching in companies and corporations across Europe.
2- Some courses are trained through specialised equipment and tools.
3- Placement at some companies for one-to-one coaching.
4- Peer-to-Peer training across Europe.
Our practical courses cover areas of
1- Media and PR
2- Municipality and Local councils exchange of experience
3- IT & Tele-Communication
4- Professional Courses
Flexibility and Special services
BATD believe in the flexibility of knowledge and exchanging experience. Thus, our courses can be done at any time of the year, nearly any subject and in any location within our operation. Contact our team to obtain more information.
Where the Academy work?
The Academy operate in different parts of the world as follows:
United Kingdom: London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Wales and Northern Ireland. France: Paris, León and Nice - Turkey: Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya and Ankara - Ireland: Dublin, Galway - Belgium: Brussels - Sweden: Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo. - Norway: Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger - Denmark: Copenhagen - Germany: Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf - Holland: Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Hague - Switzerland: Geneva, Zurich and Basel. - Czech Republic: Prague - Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga and Marbella - Italy: Rome and Milan.
USA: Washington, New York and Chicago.- Australia: Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.
Russia: Moscow. - Poland: Warsaw and Karakow - Bulgaria: Sofia. - Portugal: Lisbon. - Romania: Bucharest. - South Africa: Johannesburg and Durban - Algeria: Algeria. - Morocco: Casablanca, Agadir and Rabat - UAE: Dubai.- Bahrain: Al Manama. - Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur - Singapore: SingaporeCity.- Indonesia: Jakarta - Thailand: Bangkok- Japan: Tokyo