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Many people choose to buy used RVs for a number of reasons. Could be because the brand new ones are beyond their reach or a good deal has just arisen e.g. nice prime time lacrosse. Sometimes it is just by choice to buy the used one. Dealers too buy the used RVs, refurbish them and then sell them at a profit. Hereunder are a few guidelines as to the aspects you must watch out for when buying the used RV.
Since you may not have all the necessary expertise in the RV field, taking an experienced RV mechanic along with you is a goo idea. The idea here is to have a detailed view of the Shasta revere that you have just landed to ensure that you are getting the best deal. Not all used RVs may be worth purchasing. Some may be beyond repair or are just hard to maintain. Just like any other machine like a car, the RV could be having an extensive mechanical side that must be properly checked to ensure that all parts are okay. Even if you are a person with some mechanical knowledge in the field, getting a second opinion from another mechanic is a good idea. They may see what you have missed. The major components that the mechanics look at are the suspension, steering, brakes, engine and the general bodywork.
The general bodywork must be thoroughly inspected. The roofs and outer panels must be intact to ensure that no leaking takes place especially during the rains. You definitely don't want to purchase heartland big country that will pour water all over its interior when it rains. This can be noticed from the visible warping or bulging of the laminated side panels in the area separating them from the underlying framework. There may be signs of damp on the interior side of the thor palazzo RV too. Check out for the same. It is an indication that the roofs and side panels are not all that o.k. Damp can be seen in hard to reach areas, cupboard tops, in corners, on ceilings, at the back of lockers, etc. The floor too can not be ignored. It is one area that can be cleaned by the seller to conceal any signs of extra old age but springiness in the floor in the bathroom or kitchen area is an indication of rotting wooded framework that majorly arises from leaky water pipes.
The electrical system is the other heartland prowler part that must be inspected thoroughly. Make sure that all the connections are intact and that no dangerous wires wise are left bear. These are a sure danger to your life. Definitely you may get electrocuted by the same. Poor connections too may lead to short circuiting. Electric fires are also a characteristic of such poor electrical systems. A good mechanic will come in handy in such situations. They will have to determine whether the available generator works just fine or not. The quality of the wires too will determine whether they can withstand all the electrical appliances that you are going to use. Some appliances use more power that requires stronger wires.It is also advisable to test all the fixtures on the RV to determine whether they are working well or not. Try opening and closing the doors, cupboard and every locker available.
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