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If you've been feeling like a few teeth in your mouth are inadequately secured or a little loose, you should consider receiving a crown and bridge implementation from our Monroe dentist. Since crowns were invented with the idea of improving the structure of your teeth, it's no wonder why they are used so broadly across the world. They not only help by supporting the tooth in question, but they support the teeth around them via the bridge. This comprehensive support helps millions of people throughout the world regain their confidence and get back to eating in the ways they've been accustomed to throughout their whole lives.
A crown has many features that provide support:
It is considered to be a "cap" by most dentists
It is used to cover a tooth that has imperfections
It is used to greatly improve the structure of a tooth
It is used to greatly improve the appearance of a tooth
It is used to help make the tooth-in-question look natural again
It is used to begin the attachment of a bridge
It is made from different types of materials, all depending on what the patient wants
It is one of the most widely used additions in the industry of dentistry
A bridge has many features that provide support:
This is a custom-fitted and custom-made device
This is meant to replace just one tooth or several teeth
They are typically and precisely anchored on either end of the portion of missing teeth
They are meant to work with crowns in order to support the bridge itself
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