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New arcade games get released every now and then. The Big Buck Hunter series has seen a new version released too. This allows you to hunt virtual animals worldwide. This latest version comes with fully featured online modes, cutting edge graphics as well as a new cabinet design. This game is common in bars but it is very often available at the more traditional arcades too. It is not necessary that you enjoy hunting or fishing for you to enjoy this game. For those who can't handle the site of blood also don't have to fear anything. This game has been designed in such a way that there no blood. There's no need for bug repellants too.
This new release has actually displayed the refreshed experience from its predecessors. There is still the aspect of you selecting a type of animal you want. Thereafter you are taken to an outdoor setting where the hunt begins. Just like in the previous versions, you are supposed to take out 3 bucks. The change that has been brought about in this release of new arcade games is the physical reaction of the animals. They have been made more realistic than they appeared in the previous versions. The camera has been made to move around much more than it was statically positioned before. The angles keep on changing basing on the situation. The critters vary a great deal too.
Initially there were trophy animals that just ran from one end of the screen to the other, but these have been replaced with Dangerous Trophy animals that are designed to attack the player while in action. It is kind of double jeopardy in the sense that these appear on occasional stages and randomly in all the games. A bonus game is given to you the moment you finish five levels. There is also a little bit of humor in the game brought about by skydiving animals. It has also been made more dynamic especially with the new design of the guns. This makes it possible to move closer to the simulator territory and rise above the redesigned shooting gallery feel.
Just like many new arcade games released recently, big buck HD has come with an overhauled interface as well as online content. Arcade welcomed the idea of the internet long time ago but there has been varied success and there is usually simple content. The new interface is much better now. It offers an on-screen reticule meant for aiming as well as a keypad which reduces the effort of entering the password. This new game allows you to use an existing Big Buck account. However, this account has been redesigned to give an Xbox Live account feel. You have the option of uploading your own avatar or use one of those available within the game. You can create lists of friends and track challenges which you can actually post to Twitter or Facebook accounts. There are a number of games with this feature, but the reason this stands out is that there are over 400 of them which make replay quite valuable. On the side of cash, this game has retained National tournaments. The new additions include local run tournaments and Mini-Tourneys The graphics, sound, controls and the cabinet have all been greatly improved upon.
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