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Are you selling yourhome? How get more money?

How technology can save money on real estate commission and bring higher offer for your property. New Real Estate industry standard Online Estate Agency. Today's world, the place of technology is becoming increasingly important in our lives. They help to control the spaceship and makes the most complicated medicalsurgeries.
Modern technology made it, including to the services and make every day of our lives more convenient and cheaper. It is well known the company Hubert, which could reduce the cost of air traffic controllers and enabled us to enjoy a more affordable taxi with the best service.
So in the real estate services began to appear, which help save on commission and get a better price for their property, about AirBnB - you know very good. But today we want to tell about the new services that continue to trend in the market - increasing the quality of service and reducing the commission to the real estate market participants.
One such service eAgent. This service allows you to use the entire spectrum of Real Estate Company for a nominal fee. You can also choose the merged tariff to save on commission. You save from the standard commission of 3 to 5%.
In addition, this service provides additional 100 times more places where it will be exposed to your property. The Internet today is a place where start to search 76% of potential buyers, the service works with major local real estate portals, as well as with foreign real estate portals.
Get plenty of offers you have the possibility to choose the most advantageous price and terms of sale.
According to the statistics, we sell 4% higher than the average market price and the transaction concluded with the purchase of cash - thus faster sale, do not need to wait for approval of the bank.
One of the major advantages of this service: you're working with a company in which every day, including weekends, there are agents who contract with the buyer and provide the most user-friendly display of the real estate and will answer all questions.
Additionally, we provide services of a professional photographer for free, that will make the most eye-catching photos and videos of your property. Using technology, you not only save time, but also to earn more money.
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