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A Vacation in Costa Rica Might Just Make You an Expat

The term expat is not new, but it has certainly grown in popularity! More and more people are choosing to retire in foreign countries and even live abroad while still working, raising kids and living young active lives. We are expanding our horizons, learning new cultures, practicing different skills and finding ways to make travel dreams a daily reality. There are thousands of options around the world, but most northerners, city dwellers and office workers are searching for warmth, peace and relaxation. That spells out tropical beach, but how do you find one that is still peaceful? With the buzz on travel, old classics like Acapulco or Waikiki have become a bit hectic, especially in peak vacation seasons. This has prompted true paradise seekers to dig a little deeper.
What they've found is Costa Rica!
Sure this is not a new idea. People have been talking about this slice of heaven for over 30 years, but therein lies the secret. Sure deserted island sounds tempting, but try living Gilligan style and you'll quickly realize a few creature comforts are desired. Costa Rica has had enough time to develop some modern infrastructure, build up cultural value and stabilize their democracy due to increases in tourism. Now they are in that truly rare and beautiful stage of minimal travelers with maximum amenities. Sure in another 30 years, people may have to look for the next untapped territory, but right now that's Costa Rica.
Expats are beginning to develop small communities filled with life, entertainment and conveniences, but they are still kept in check for their true purpose of beauty, relaxation and low cost living. These ideals are guarded by those who moved there and those who were born there. Costa Ricans greet each other with the words, "Pura vida." This directly translates to pure life. Whether you hear the words as pure life, the good life, or simple life, it's all understood and the roots of the idea are deeply wound into the culture of the country. Once you've adopted the laid back vibe you can count yourself among the Ticos, Ticas if you're female. This term of endearment is for locals who live and breathe the pulse of Costa Rica.
Once you've decided to make the leap from home to Central America, you need to refine your search. Are you looking for modernization, deserted beach, cool mountaintops, lush valleys, wet jungle or low key farmland? Costa Rica has it all. No matter your location, you will have therapeutic temperatures year round with highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s for most of the region. Breathtaking views will be yours from any elevation, seaside to mountain. Art, music, food, local customs, shopping, dancing, surfing, lounging and silence are all at your fingertips. Real estate is still affordable even if it's just a vacation home. You might just move there full time once you've fallen in love with the lifestyle. Start looking today because pristine existence is never a secret for long!
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