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8 Steps to Deep Condition Your Hair Extensions

Your hairs are the most prominent feature of your body and you want them to look great whenever you're out with friends and family. While your clothes and other accessories are also important, your hairs make the first impression about you no matter what thing you wear. This is the reason why people spend a lot on their hairs. You can find millions of hair products and thousands of hair salons. But when it comes to replenish your hairs, you cannot trust all of them. You cannot just go into any hair salon Toronto. Only the best salon toronto ontario can help replenish hairs health with utmost satisfaction.
There are different types of hair replenishment products, depending upon the kind of hairs you have. There are oils, nutrient products, creams, masks and other products.
Now, that people have been using hair extensions more often, these products are high on demand. Now, you will be interested to know what is the most important treatment for hair extensions?
Nowadays, hair extensions are quite common. They can transform you personality and give you a whole new look. You can have them for nearly four months or so. But they need care, like your normal hairs. In order to maintain your hair extension and keep them longer, you need to deep condition them at least once a week. Do you know how to deep condition hair extensions? If you don't, follow these simple steps.
But before you go the steps, note down the tings you are going to need for deep conditioning.
" Bristle paddle brush (you can also use toothed comb)
" Deep conditioning treatment (Make sure it is silicon-free)
" Shower cap made of plastic (to secure your hair extensions) " Cold water
" Hair dryer
" Towel
In order to find a high quality deep conditioning treatment, you can check the websites of best Toronto salons and find out what items they use. Or you can check with your dermatologist.
1. Comb your hairs thoroughly with bristle paddle brush, from root to tip. It will remove tangles. You can also take a wide toothcomb, if you like.
2. Dampen your hair completely with water. Wring hair extensions gently to prevent water from dipping.
3. Spread two or three tablespoons of deep conditioning treatment on hair extensions using your fingers. Apply the treatment gently and keep it one inch below the point where extensions meet normal hairs.
4. Now, pile up hair extensions on your head. And cover them with shower cap made of plastic.
5. Now take a hair dryer and set it to medium heat level. Apply the heat to the shower cap. Make sure the hair dryer doesn't go closer than 6 inches. Do this process for 10 minutes.
6. It will take 10 more minutes for the conditioner to reach hair strands.
7. Rinse your hair extensions with cold water and remove the deep conditioner completely. It will take almost 10 minutes
8. Dry your hairs with a towel.
Deep conditioning is always good, but it would be much better if you consult with experts and find out the best conditioning products for your extensions.