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5 Ways to Prevent Traffic Tickets for Speeding

It may seem rather unethical to learn how to dodge the traffic cops and get away from speeding tickets, but there are some emergency situations in which you don't have time to deal with their questions. Before reading further, keep in mind that speeding is dangerous and you're not alone on the road. there are plenty of people as car drivers, pedestrians and passengers who may be affected because of your misconduct. Moreover, you'll also get penalized and punished in case of road accident.
If you have already been convicted for speeding, traffic tickets services Mississauga can help you fight speeding tickets. If you don't want to get caught speeding or want to stay away from second conviction, here are few tricks that may save you from the traffic cops.
1. Keep your car maintained
Traffic officers are quick enough to decide whether to warn you for speeding, or issue a traffic ticket Mississauga, just by looking at your car. So, the first rule is, keep your car clean and well-maintained. Here are few things you can do:
· The car should be decluttered
· It should not contain bumper stickers or anything that makes it stand out
· Don't add spoilers
· Avoid tinting car windows
· Don't install undercarriage neon lights
2. Wave at the officer
Even under emergency, don't panic if you spot a cruiser lurking behind your car. The smartest thing to do is, wave at him with a smiley face. This gesture will make the officer to wave back at you (50% problem solved) or he'll think you knew you were speeding. Either ways, waving at the officer goes in your favor and give you a chance to explain the reason of speeding.
3. Don't admit you were over speeding
According to experienced police officers, never admit at the scene that you were speeding, because it will go against you if you were to fight traffic ticket Mississauga. You can say that you were not aware of the speed limit. Don't be sarcastic, because it will only go against you in future.
4. Get continuance
Ticket dodgers say, it's better to earn more time between the date of encountering a speed ticket and the court date. Being polite doesn't mean you should take your ticket quietly and leave. Plead not guilty and buy more time, because traffic sergeants wouldn't remember the people they caught a month earlier, longer duration will be much better for you.
5. Learn how to reduce traffic violation
There are plenty of ways to dismiss or have violations reduced, but they may differ from province to province. Here are few examples to dismiss the traffic violation:
· The traffic sergeant doesn't show up on court date.
· Instead of the two police officers who caught you speeding, only one show up on court date.
· There may be a factual error on your ticket that can go in your favor.
· The speed limit sign was not posted within quarter of a mile where you got caught
If you consult legal traffic ticket service Mississauga, they'll tell you more about it!