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5 Ways to Avoid Catching Cops While Driving

If you have a car, you can understand how bad it is to violate a traffic law and get a ticket. It affects your insurance expenses and raise your premiums for many years. If you get convicted a couple of times more, there may be further penalties including fines and license suspension. Fortunately, ticket dodgers have found out different tactics to avoid traffic tickets, and the best way to avoid a ticket is by avoiding traffic officers.
Here are few legitimate ways through which you can avoid them, but before you proceed you should also remember that if you get caught, Mississauga traffic tickets service can save you from possible punishments. Now, let's proceed.
1. Be Aware of Ambushers
To avoid traffic tickets Mississauga, you have to drive with open eyes. Look for police cars on the road and you should know that you don't always find traditional police cars. Nowadays, police departments have a mix of SUV's, sports cars and more.
Here are few tips to recognize police vehicles:
· See if there is roof lighting on any of the cars around you.
· If not the roof light that catches attention, there must have been a spotlight at the driver's side.
· Police cars don't represent any ideology. They're owned by the city not the cops. But, they may contain an endorsement sticker, if approved by the department.
· The license plates of police cars are quite different than usual ones. You need to know what kind of license plates exist in your province.
· Police cars have relatively larger brake lights at the rear window. This is another way to scan the ambushers
· You can also recognize police cruisers with the help of multiple antennas on them.
2. Radar of Laser Detector Can Help
If you love to break speed limits, you should install a detector with laser/radar, so that you can immediately reduce the speed as soon as you spot a police cruiser. However, make sure such devices are legal in your state or province.
3. Slow Down Before the Hiding Spots
Another way to avoid a possible threat is to reduce your car speed near a hiding spot. Blind curves, stands of trees, exit ramps, road stretchers where work is in process, and places where speed limit decreases. If you see the post containing speed limit decrease, slow down before reaching the sign.
4. Be Aware of Speed Cameras
To control the traffic and track stunt drivers, traffic police has installed speed cameras on different places. These cameras have photo radar system that captures a photo of the car breaking the speed limit.
The hiding spots of radar cameras can be anything; from a parked van to the permanent mounting spot. So, be careful of such places, especially while driving on the highway.
5. Don't Forget the Next Police Car on the Road
If you have avoided a cruiser and break the speed limit thinking that no one can stop you now, soon there will be another cruiser that will catch you and issue Mississauga traffic ticket. You need to figure out how many police cruisers are there on a certain road.