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5 Tips for Preventing & Treating Acne

Almost every person is affected by skin problems acne, pimples, zits or spot some time or other in his lifetime. You can find out from experience the best skin care method that suits like creams, medicines, home remedies and stringent regimens. If interested to know more then, the site provides a lot of useful information on this subject.
To help the readers, this article has five suggestions that can be used by everybody. 1. Taking care of your skin - Washing your face daily is a must for removing the impurities, dirt and excess sebum that accumulates on the surface of the facial skin. It prevents any pimples from breaking out. Use a mild cleanser and warm water to wash your face at least thrice a day, in the morning, noon and evening. Use a soft facial towel to dry your face.
Do not use any rough cloth to scrub your face as it will only make the breakout more severe. Wash your clothes regularly to avoid your facial skin from getting contaminated. Do not also wash your face too many times as it will only make the skin worse by making it dry and cause irritation.
2. Using non-comedogenic moisturizers - Use non-comedogenic moisturizers to keep the skin hydrated after washing it so that it does not become dry and cause irritation. You should use proper moisturizers that suit your facial skin and not the one that is heavy and oily.
Heavy and oily moisturizers can clog the pores of the skin and cause a breakout of blackheads. For example, cream based moisturizers are good for dry skins while a gel-based and light moisturizer is good for oily skins. Before applying the moisturizer, ensure that your hands are clean to avoid bacteria from getting transferred onto your skin.
3. Do not touch your skin or pop the pimples - The hands pickup maximum amount of bacteria and dirt than any other part of the body. The bacteria and dirt are transferred to the facial skin if you touch it too many times with your hands. It can cause infection, inflammation and irritation of the skin. More pimples will breakout, and healing will be prolonged.
Popping pimples will only produce scars that are not east to get rid of. Avoid using your hand as props for your face while sitting at a table and do not rest your face in your hands while sleeping. Change pillow covers regularly to reduce facial skin infections.
4. Exfoliating your skin - Use scrubbers and face masks to exfoliate your facial skin not more than in a week. The dead cells on the surface of the skin are removed by these exfoliator that should be used sparingly as too much use can make the skin dry and irritable.
5. Avoid over-use of creams and lotions - Too much use of lotions, creams, gels or make-up can block the pores of your facial skin. Use them sparingly and as per directions given on the packaging. Use cleansers to remove all make-up before going to bed every night.
Skin products laden with chemicals and having strong fragrances, which can block the pores of the hair follicles should be avoided. Use gentle shampoos and conditioners for taking care of skin on the scalp. Wash the make-up brushes frequently to avoid infecting your facial skin. To know more visit the online site