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4 Critical Traffic Violations That Need Legal Representation

Traffic rules are not that hard to follow, yet you can ignore them with a little bit of common sense. There are some penalties you can get away with by paying a little fine, but some violations may result in severe penalties. Included in the following list are some traffic violations that are very common, yet they're not difficult to follow. All you need is, stick to these rules and take necessary precautions before hopping into the vehicle.
· Don't drive a vehicle without insurance
· Follow the traffic lights
· Know your speed limit
· Don't drive without license
To help you understand the severity of violations of these rules, has given detailed information regarding each. You can get a brief information about penalties over here, or visit the website for detailed information.
1. Drive Without Insurance
If you are driving a vehicle without motor insurance, you're committing a serious offense. The penalties may be severe upon conviction and you may need a Mississauga traffic ticket service to fight for you in the court. Driving without insurance may result in following penalties:
· If you're convicted for the first time, you have to pay $5000 and 25% surcharge. The total amount will be $6250
· If you're convicted for the second time, the minimum fine will be $1000 with 25% surcharge. In short, you will have to pay $12500
· Upon third conviction, your driver's license will be suspended for one year
2. Not Stopping at a Red Light
This is a common traffic violation that can be life threatening on highways. According to the laws, the driver approaching a traffic signal must stop if the signal is showing a red light. He shall only proceed when the signal turns green.
However, if it's impossible for the driver to stop because of the speed of the vehicle following his own vehicle, he may turn right or left on one-way street in order to avoid an accident, despite the red light shown by the traffic signal.
Failure to follow the rule will result in severe penalties; demerit points and license suspension. You should consult traffic ticket service Mississauga to defend these charges.
3. Stunt Driving
If you are driving in excess of 50 kilometers per hour over the specified limit on the highway, you may be caught from stunt driving. Stunt driving is dangerous and the penalties are quite severe. Along with mandatory 7-day roadside suspension, following convictions may also apply:
· 6 demerit points
· A fine in the range of $2000 and $10000
· Up to 2 years suspension of your driver's license
· Up to 6 months imprisonment
Here, a professional traffic ticket service can help you defend your case and minimize charges against you.
4. Driving Without License
Driving without license is similar to using an equipment without a training certificate, and it's a serious offense. You must have an up-to-date driver's license while driving; otherwise you have to face following penalties:
· $200 - $1000 fine
· This violation will remain in your record for three years, and another similar act would result in the suspension of license for up to two years.