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3 Simple Steps to Drill Without Your Muay Thai Training Partner

While you train in a martial art, irrespective of the style you practice, it is always good to have a partner to practice with. This is undoubtedly the best way to improve. Practicing with another person replicates the real combat and offers you the opportunity to get better in all the skills associated with your martial arts format.
In Muay Thai Toronto for example, you have to work with partner. It allows you to practice more than what you intended for. This may include
" Your timing,
" The distance you can cover,
" Proper cadence,
" Your accuracy,
You cannot be so perfect when you practice without someone for real. But, the problem is, you don't get partners all the time. What would you do then? This post talks about the workout alone in Muay Thai training that will not only burn your calories, but also give you a chance to practice new skills. This sport is so popular that you it is practiced in many parts of the world. You can easily locate a place to learn Muay Thai in Toronton and reach up to the highest level.
Things You Need
" Training space
" Jump rope
" A heavy bag
" Good music to keep you focussed
Warm Up
Before you step inside the ring, you need to warm up for a few minutes (about 25 minutes). The warm up phase is divided into three parts.
" In first phase, you have to do some mobility and stretching for 10 minutes
" In the second phase, jump rope in 2 rounds. Don't go pass 6 minutes.
" In third phase, you have to box with your shadow in three rounds, for a total time of 9 minutes.
The Heavy Bag
Things you do with the heavy bag may be divided into three phases.
1. Push Kicks - not more than 50
Try alternate kicks and try to work with the bag swings throughout this drill. When the bag comes swinging towards you, use your push kick to stop it. When the bag moves away from you, concentrate on your footwork and develop your own reaction time.
2. Roundhouse Kicks - 50 per leg
In the second phase, do the 50 kicks with one leg before switching your legs. Think about hitting the leg, head and the body of your opponent. This drill allows you to focus on speed, retraction and power.
3. Freestyle - 5 rounds
In this phase of training, you're free to apply any kind of kicking style. Try everything that you've learnt in your muay thai class Toronto, such as:
" Defensive techniques
" Footwork patterns,
" Feints
Throughout the bag drill, try not to be complicated. You can try a 15-hit combination on your partner later. Meanwhile, concentrate on simple things that you can improve on, and maximize you potential. Keep in mind that the practice with the bag will not make you perfect. It helps you turning those basic things into your habits, which will be easier for you to apply in the ring. So, save the best tricks for the real fight.